Sms Paket Virus — Beware Of The New SMS Fraud

Smart phone users should be careful while sending and receiving SMS as the Sms Paket Virus is growing like a snow ball. Fraudsters have come up with a new strategy to loot the innocent people and here is all you need to know about this fatal fraud series.

Due to Corona pandemic, a considerable number of people have shifted to online shopping platforms. Considering this as an opportunity, scammers are also out with their full force. Scammers are pouring thousands of fake messages for parcel deliveries. Police and Consumer advice centers have warmed people about these potential threats.

If you haven’t encountered such a message so far, here is how it looks like. “Your package has just been sent”, “The goods you have purchased have been sent please check the details.” “Your shipment is just about to be delivered, track your shipment below.”

There will be a link attached to these messages at the end. If you ever get to receive such messages, you are advised not to click on any link until you verify the sender as an authentic person or company.

What Is Sms Paket Virus

Image Of What Is Sms Paket Virus

Sms Paket Virus is fraud series that is trapping smartphone users. Initially, such SMS scams were seen by android users only but now iPhone users are also getting involved in it.

These SMS often claim that the package is ready to be dispatched. They also provide a link with it, claiming that you can check the details after clicking on the link. But in reality, this link is just a trap.

Märkisches Kreis Police have reported a recent incident where a 37 years old man got affected by Sms Paket Virus. After receiving a link from an anonymous number, he tapped on the link and ended on a fake website.

Soon after that, he felt the effects. According to the police, his phone sent 1700 text messages and initiated 77 calls without his knowledge. As he reached the false website, his smartphone got infected with malware and almost all of his contacts were taken over by this virus.

The state criminal police department has also warned the users about the consequences of this malware. When a user clicks on the link, the malware enters into your phone and it picks up all your personal data. After picking up your contact list the malware forwards the same SMS to all the contacts in your address book. Hence, the virus spreads like a snowball.

Sms Paket Virus Iphone

Image Of Sms Paket Virus Iphone

iPhone users were safe from such fraudulent messages earlier but now they are also being affected by incorrect package announcements via SMS. These messages are often sent anonymously and the link attached to it resembles the URLs of delivery services. In case you receive such SMS, you should delete it directly and do not click on the link.

Some users are probing to know the origin of such messages, but at this point it isn’t easy to explain whether the phone numbers are used by the malware from previous attacks or the contacts are being taken from infected devices.

It is also possible that they generate the phone numbers randomly. But whatever is the reason behind this scam, all you should do is not to rely on such messages.

If you have accidentally opened the link, then we would suggest you, switch your cell phone to flight mode so that the malware won’t get access to the internet. Then download a virus scanner using any WLAN connection. You should also consider deleting recently downloaded applications to be on the safe side.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the reason, consequences and precautions against Sms Paket Virus. Hopefully the information provided in this article will be helpful for you.

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