Amazon 26th Anniversary Scam — Explained

Shoppers beware of the Amazon 26th Anniversary Scam. A fake message is flaunting on various messaging applications including Telegram and WhatsApp. It promises to give you free gifts from Amazon as the E-commerce giant is celebrating its anniversary. Does this message belong to Amazon? Let’s discover together.

Amazon, the largest E-commerce company has been dragged into various scams. Because of its goodwill scammers associate their false deals with the name of large business companies. The purpose behind involving popular companies is to lure people to click on the links attached to it.

Though most of the people ignore such links as they have seen so many similar scams in past but, there are still millions of people out there who believe in such scams. The latest scam message claims to give hundreds of computers, cash prizes, and mobile phones.

What Is Amazon 26th Anniversary Scam?

Image Of What Is Amazon 26th Anniversary Scam

Users on social media platforms are sharing a suspicious link that claims to provide several free gifts on completion of a survey form. They further claim that these gifts are shared as a part of Amazon’s 26th anniversary. The forwarded link contains Amazon’s logo with it, so millions of people get tricked by it.

Upon clicking on the link, you will be directed to a page that resembles Amazon, but if observed carefully, you will be able to identify that this isn’t Amazon’s website. Once you reach this page, you will witness a survey form that has to be completed. The survey questions will ask gender, age, quality of Amazon service, and some other information.

Upon completing the survey it will ask you to open a gift box. It gives you three chances to open the box and win gifts but when you finally win a gift it will force you to invite players by sharing the link on WhatsApp and other messaging applications.

Amazon 26th Anniversary Gift

You might be probing to know if this link really has any connection with Amazon or not, No! It has nothing to do with Amazon. Currently, Amazon isn’t running any anniversary program. If they ever conduct such programs, you will be notified on the official website of Amazon.

Amazon has also confirmed that these messages do not belong to them. They have warned people to stay away from such scams. Furthermore, Amazon officials have also confirmed that the URL of link being shared is fake and it doesn’t belong to them.

The purpose of Amazon 26th Anniversary Scam seems to defraud people or identity theft. This is not the first time people are receiving such messages, WhatsApp users are prone to these fake promises and these have tricked millions of users from all around the world.

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Amazon 26th Anniversary WhatsApp

Image Of Amazon 26th Anniversary WhatsApp

The best way to avoid such scams is to ignore anonymous messages. Before filling any survey form, users should check the website URL carefully. Most of these URLs look similar to valid URLs but the fake URLs will contain unwanted characters in it.

Readers should also note that big companies will never offer you prizes against any service related survey. So do not fall for such scams because you might not think of the trouble you will face after completing a simple survey. According to experts cybercriminals use similar methods to get your personal data.

This information can later be used to defraud you or for identity thefts. These links may also contain malwares that get downloaded upon clicking on the link.  So, it is important to ignore and report such messages to the concerned authorities.

Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Amazon 26th Anniversary Scam that has tricked millions of innocent people on the internet. If you have ever provided your important credentials to such websites, the first thing you should do is to change your account passwords.

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