What Is LYKA And How Does It Work — All Details Provided

Are you wondering to know What Is LYKA and How Does It Work? Worried about its legitimacy? If yes, then you have reached the most related space. Keep reading and get to know all information about this new free social application.

Like many other social applications, LYKA is a free online social app that allows users connect with people across the boundaries, unfold new things and share their interests with their selected social circle. Like Instagram and Facebook, LYKA allows the users to share their pictures with their friends.

The application also has a Digital Point System that allows users to earn gems against their engagement on the app. The more you get engaged on the app the more gems you will be able to earn. These gems can be used to get exchanged against items with LYKA’s partner stores.

You can also share these gems among your friends. These gems can further be used to redeem gifts from the LYKA mall. The gifts may include gift certificates, gadgets, and lucky users can even get hotel accommodations. Let’s get into detail and learn What Is LYKA And How Does It Work.

LYKA App Is Legit Or Scam?

Image Of LYKA App Is Legit Or Scam.

While going through the Application reviews we have found that the app might be a scam as it isn’t allowing people to withdraw their earned money till they have a gem balance of 3000. According to the users it is really difficult to earn 3000 gems because they only give 2 or 3 gems. For a beginner it’s really difficult to earn 3000 gems as it requires a lot of time and effort.

Besides this, the users have also complained about the app’s functionality. According to them, it is really slow when it comes to loading the content. One the users, has shared his opinion using the following words,

“For now, I suggest more app improvements and investing on a bigger upgrade. It’s mostly smooth but extremely buggy. Not sure why some cards won’t add either. I only downloaded it a few hours ago but I have cleared my cache numerous times just to be able to post and edit properly.

Tags load terribly. Ratings also reset when reloading, but it seems to be counted still in earnings, though the disappearances have to be fixed. Looks promising however and bound to grow possibly in the e-wallet realm”

LYKA App Review

Image Of LYKA App Review

The application has received overall 3.4 stars on the review tab. The application has treated some people well while others seem reluctant towards the application’s performance. Most of the users have complained about application’s slow speed. According to the comments of users on LYKa’s review page, it’s so laggy and has so many bugs.

Most of the users have suggested the developers to improve certain features. Bugs are needed to be fixed, speed should be improved and the cash out system is also a point of controversy for the LYKA users. One of LYKA’s users has talked about the cash withdrawal system using the following words,

“I don’t know but LYKA is very difficult to cash out, you need 3000gems. It’s really hard to get gems because usually they only give 02 and 05 gems. Collecting 3000 gems is really hard for beginners, cash out? To transfer to bank account, it needs improvements specially the way to cash out, maybe try to add other option like GCASH, PAYPAL”

Who Is The Owner Of LYKA App

Ryan Baird is the CEO of LYKA, this app is offered by “Things I Like Company Limited”. According to the LYKA’s CEO, the aim of application is to connect brands and users for their mutual benefit.

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Final Verdict

After a lot of research we have found that the application is quite difficult to use. If developers get to fix all the issues associated to this app, we would then suggest you to try it once. If you are already using this platform we would urge you not to share your personal information. Hopefully this article has given answer to the questions What Is LYKA And How Does It Work.

2 thoughts on “What Is LYKA And How Does It Work — All Details Provided”

  1. Actually Lyka has a lot of bugs, because it is still in it’s Beta Phase. It’s not a fully furnished and officially launched app. We, the old users are used to that. Also before the old cashout amount was 300 , they just changed it to 3000 when the users started growing. They mainly encourage users to use their gems to purchase in their partner merchants and not to cashout.

  2. Rewarding because they give you some rewards, unlike the other top social media platforms which gives nothing. I also think that without either the partner merchants or the users, this app would fail. So they needed somewhat change some features to discourage most users into cashing out their earned gem for them to be able to use it on their partner merchants.


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