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Stealing Your Heart novel is so engaging that it will glue you to the screen from start to end. This is the story of a girl named Lin Xinyan. She has already seen a lot in the last eight years after abandoned by the shelter above her head.

A story that is filled with cunning plots of the clever selfish people and the struggle of the innocents to prove themselves blameless. How the compulsions force us to take rash and shameful acts that become a burden on our soul? This tale will reveal that for us.

If you are looking for a free reading resource you are at the right place. We will share all the chapters with you including Chapter 16. Read online or get the PDF choice is yours.

Stealing Your Heart Novel

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The story of Lin Xinyan starts with a one-night stand with a man in exchange for money. In order to secure medical treatment for her brother and mother, she must exchange her first time with a rich man.

Soon she will have to marry a man arranged by her estranged father who left the family of three in a lurch eight years ago. Soon she will find out that her crippled husband is involved with another woman.

This woman meets her and comes to know that Lin Xinyan was the one whom she arranged for the man for that one-time exchange.

The poor heroine of the novel gets pregnant from that time. This woman tries to kill Lin Xinyan and her child using all possible means.

Stealing Your Heart Lin Xinyan

A shocking surprise awaits her in the future development of this novel as the veil from reality is unfolded by fate for her.

This is the story of a girl who will start her adult life by sacrificing her most precious treasure. She has no choice. To save her hospitalized mother and brother is the only option.

As she gets out of the strange man’s room with her earned money, she rushes to the hospital to pay for the treatment of her only two beloved people in this whole world.

After running to the door of the operation room, she finds that she is already late. Her brother has breathed his last and he could not be saved.

Albeit her mother is still breathing. There is a little hope with the overwhelming sense of loss. She must cherish what she has been left with by fate.

Stealing Your Heart Lin Xinyan Free Online Reading

The troubles began eight years from now. She was just ten years old. Her callous father cheated on her mother and sent her and her pregnant mother to a faraway land.

Later in this alien territory, her brother came to this world. At the age of three, he was diagnosed with autism. They were already struggling with life but the condition of her brother made life worse for the family.

The mother and young daughter had to do odd jobs to live from hand to mouth. Their life got another jolt when all of a sudden the family had a car accident.

Living at the edge of poverty they had much to cherish such as each other’s company. But today the vicissitudes of the universe decided to test them even further.

Stealing Your Heart Chapter

On this day she had to sell herself in order to secure the life of the two most important people in her life. She could make it halfway with the most unusual and unexpected sacrifice.

The female lead of this novel is in a daze now. She doesn’t know, should she mourn the loss or cherish what she has saved in the form of her mother.

As time heals the gravest of wounds and troubles of heart and soul. The family of two moved on. Her mother recuperated gradually yet maimed by the death of her son remained her greatest infestation of sorrow in her heart.

One day the father appears on the scene and tells the daughter who has just entered adulthood to marry a man whom her mother betrothed as a child. This man is now physically challenged and unable to carry forward the generation line.

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Despite her mother’s reservations, she will agree to his proposal. But she has got her own plans and asks her father to agree to certain conditions. She thinks this way she can recapture what was taken from her mother almost a decade ago by this stonehearted man.

Forced by the circumstances, the father has no other way but to agree to her every demand. Thus she will exchange marriage vows with this crippled man and return to her country of origin.

Soon she realizes that she is pregnant with the man she met that night. Now she is going to get married to a stranger. Once again the poor girl is falling into the whirlpool of troubles. Here Stealing Your Heart novel takes a strange turn.

The troubles not all of her own making, some forced upon her by her blood relatives some by fate. Nevertheless, she must face them all.

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Stealing Your Heart PDF

Soon she finds out that the person she is to marry has already had an affair with his longtime secretary. This secretary was the one who arranged a pure girl for him. When he was bit by a venomous snake while abroad and had to vent the heat on someone.

This secretary, with a cunning nature driven by emotions of love, will never let her go. She will try her best to get rid of Lin Xinyan and her child. Will she succeed? Would she grab the throne of queen alongside this rumored crippled man?

Will he find out about that night when he was tricked into something that he frowns upon? You can find that all out by free online reading or from the PDF version of this novel.

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 16

As the story progresses chapter by chapter here at this point in the novel, the female lead is in a complex situation.

There are people who will try to show the man difference between compulsion and desire.

Will he listen to them. Will he change his mind about his wife? To find this all you will have to read online the full story.

Here we will share it with you. Enjoy it for free and don’t forget to share in your social circle.  Go ahead and start reading for free from start to end.

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