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Summer Sweetheart Novel is a Chinese novel that revolves around Leonardo who gets married to his Fiancé’s half-sister. He gets rejected by his Fiancé because she thought he was ugly. Later, the guy’s Fiancé’ and her family forces their innocent half-sister to marry this ugly guy.

The female lead role of this novel is an innocent girl who shares a house with her biological mother and her Half-siblings. Though she lives with her real mother but she gets ignored every time because her mother prefers her half-siblings over her.

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The Summer Sweetheart Novel continues when the female protagonist is asked by her family to marry her half-sister’s Fiancé. Her sister is now not interested to continue this relation as she heard that the guy is ugly and crippled. Feared of his wealth and power they decide to ask the female protagonist to marry this guy.

One fine day, when the lead female character of this novel was absorbed in her thoughts, her mother comes to ask her for marrying the ugly guy. Her mother kneels down and begs her to marry the rich guy. Her mother expresses her emotions using the following words “Your sister deserves better, please help her.”

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Seeing her mother crying and requesting for help was the most heart wrenching thing for the novel’s female lead character. So without giving a second thought she accepts her mother’s request.

She was thinking about the consequences that could trouble her family if she doesn’t agree. After examining the entire scenario she was now ready to sacrifice her life for the safety of her family. She didn’t know what she is going to face in the next phase of her life.

The guy she is going to marry is known for his ugliness and physical disability. People often talk about him saying that the guy was once kidnapped for ransom. He also was crippled by the kidnapers. As he returned home he never stepped out of his house. People use to think it’s because he doesn’t want them to know about his disabilities.

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Time passes and the day comes when the female lead character is going to marry this ugly man. She was now ready to face all hardships just to save her family from the anger of this ugly man. The story of Summer Sweetheart Novel continues, when the newlywed bride is waiting for her partner.

She was thinking about the problems she faced at her parent’s home. She doesn’t have many resources back then. Seeing the big mansion of her husband she takes a breath of sigh and hopes for a better life.

She never knew how her partner looked like but still she was waiting for him with a big heart full of hopes. Will she be able to bear her husband’s ugly face? What is going to happen with her in the next moment? Will she be able to make it till tomorrow? All these questions were making her feel frightened.

While she was absorbed in her thoughts, a handsome guy opens the door and enters her room. This was really confusing to her, she was trying to figure out if it’s her husband or not. But how can he be her husband as people knew him as an ugly and crippled guy.

She was loaded with hundreds of questions in her mind until the handsome guy opens his mouth to tell her that she is ugly. Was it a dream or the biggest surprise of her life? Is this her husband or someone else? What is she going to face tonight? To know all these answers read the free novel online.

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