S5 Filter Iphone — How To Get This Filter?

Since many of the Iphone users were probing to know about S5 Filter Iphone, we thought of coming up with the solution for all those folks out there. After reading the article you will get to know how the S5 Filter Iphone can be accessed to have cool blue eyes.

A video went viral since one of the TikTok users, Maliabroon has posted a video. The video shows how her eye color changed rapidly. In the video Maliabroon can be seen explaining how this filter can temporarily change your brown eyes into the oceanic color.

Though many of users have already participated in the trend but they got miserably failed as the filter didn’t work for them. Many of them have commented on Maliabroon’s video saying the filter doesn’t completely changes your eye color. It just adds a blue hue to the videos.

Want to know why it didn’t work for many of the users out there? Was it a trick or does it actually work? Here is backstory! Keep Scrolling.

What Is The S5 Filter On Iphone

Image Of What Is S5 Filter Iphone.

Since the video has gone viral on video sharing application TikTok, people are curious to know about the S5 filter. According to the TikTok user Maliabroon, the filter changes the eye color.

She further explains that the filter can be applied while staring at the back camera of your phone along with the flash light on. But most of the users are unable to get blue colored eyes even after several attempts. They are curious to know the actual method to change their brown iris into blue.

Some users have added that they couldn’t change their eye color but they are now blind (temporarily) instead. One user commented on the trending video saying Nope still brown…and blind.” Another replied to this comment and said: “And now I am blind.” We feel your pain.

How To Use S5 Filter On Iphone

S5 Filter Iphone

After probing over all the related TikTok videos we have come up with the result that, the video seems more like a prank or a trick. Here is what we have found till now,

So many users on TikTok have foolishly participated in the trend not noticing the real eye color of Maliabroon. All copy cats who have followed Maliabroon’s instruction have got pranked. Because her real eye color is blue she has easily tricked all the TikTok community.

You may also notice the eyes of all those who have applied the filter and got succeeded. The common thing you will find is that, all of them have blue colored eyes. Seems like all the blue eyed TikTok users have made an army to trick all other users.

The trick uses the AR (Augmented reality) technology to get blue colored eyes. So, we would suggest all our readers to not to fall for this trick. If you really want to change your eye color then we have got you the solution.

To change your eye color all you have to do is open your TikTok account and tap on create video sign. Now look for the filters tab and search for the filter having a smiley face with blue eyes as the filter icon. Once you get it you have now plenty of eye color options to apply. Select the color you want and shoot a video. Now post the video on your feed to garner heaps of hearts and plenty of comments.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the S5 Filter you were probing to know about. We just hope that the article has provided ample information regarding this trend. Let us know with your comments if this article was worth the read or not.

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