The Return of the God of War: Novel Full Story Read Online

The Return of the God of War is an action-filled novel doted by love, hate, greed, humility, and sacrifice. The story of Levi Garrison who after sent away by the cunning adoptive family returns with full power.

The full story is easy to follow with engaging plot twists and milestones throughout the series of chapters. Read online or get the PDF, you will enjoy the tale from start to end.

To know what the story is like, what is the plot, the storyline, main characters, and the turning developments, do read this article.

We will share all the relevant details of the novel in addition to sharing options to read it for free.

The Return of the God of War

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Some people are born with the golden spoon in their mouth and live comfortably from cradle to grave. While some have to earn it with their own efforts. If the goal in your life is prosperity and wealth, determination and hard work can earn that for you.

Thus, the key to achieving anything in this world is action and setting up clear goals prior to that. In our way, to glory, though there will be countless hurdles.

Not all, who share happiness and good moments with you will wish you good. Perseverance, waiting for the right moment, and most of all decisive action will ensure you get what you want.

The Return of the God of War Novel

Levi Garrison is the male lead of this story. The whole novel revolves around him and his struggles in life. When you read the full story in PDF or online you will find that he is an orphan struggling to put food and have a roof at night.

His struggling life at an early age further plummets when he is adopted by a family in the city. This family is abusive and manipulative. They only know how to maximize benefits for themselves. Disregarding the consequences of their actions to achieve what they want is their nature.

In such an environment, the male lead is born with an opposite set of characters; upright, with a great sense of justice, a believer in handwork, he is destined to become a great man in the future.

No matter how hard he attempts to appease this family, the conflict is inevitable.

The Return of the God of War Novel Levi Garrison

As you progress towards reading online the full story you will find that this family that once took him in from the streets now considers him as their mortal enemy.

His abilities and attitude make him a threat to the people who only know how to act like selfish parasites and achieve their own goals.

As he starts a business group that starts to progress, the envious and weary eyes see what is to come. Levi is destined to be a powerful man. The family doesn’t want him to be so influential.

They fear that he will usurp what belongs to them and take away their wealth and property. Thus they decide to get rid of him.

The Return of the God of War PDF

The treacherous family decides to nip the nascent flower in the bud. On his wedding night. Levi Garrison is drugged and pushed to his sister-in-law’s room. There the guests and the host find him in an objectionable situation.

Since the whole family is on one page in framing him. They call the police, in the court, it is proved that he planned a deplorable action against his sister in law and thus he goes to jail.

After sending him away for five years, the cunning family thinks they have now removed the trouble from their life forever.

But soon they will realize that by sending him away, they have actually helped him boost his career. As Levi Garrison returns, he is a totally different man.

The Return of the God of War Read Online

The hero gets a chance to go to the war zone after spending some time in jail. There, on the basis of his fighting skills and maneuvering abilities, Levi becomes a formidable man with influence and power unfathomable.

As he finishes his five year stay away from home, he progresses to the title of God of War. Soon, the time for his rerun will ring the bells of trouble for the people who bought bad days to him.

As he returns to the town the family takes him for a convicted criminal who can bring a bad name for them. Oblivious to his true identity, they miss the chance of repenting and receiving his mercy in return.

As he decides to avenge the suffering on his body and soul, he finds out that his life story is not as simple as he believed.

The Return of the God of War Novel Chapter

Since the time he became an orphan, it is not just him who has suffered at the hands of this callous world.  Such as the wife, who didn’t see her man coming to her on the wedding night has still been waiting for him.

She believed he was innocent and wrongly framed. She is also sure that her man is capable enough to turn the tide for himself and her no matter wasting five years in jail.

For believing in him, she too had to suffer the ridicule of the society and the pressure from her family as well. They wanted her to forget him and move on with her life. Nonetheless, she persisted and it is time for her to unite with her lover.

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The Return of the God of War Full Story

How will he treat the family that frames him in a fake case and puts him in jail? In what ways will he compensate for the suffering of his wife?

Will he be able to avenge for his wounds and all the injustice? How will the family be hit by retribution? Will they regret or will be killed by their ignorance?

Read online the full story or find PDF. The tale of Levi Garrison is worth reading for the fans of lite novels.

Enjoy the full novel for free and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

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