Attractive Scale TikTok — Find Out Where You Stand

Following the Shape-Shifting Filters of TikTok, another similar filter named Attractive Scale is going viral on the Chinese-Video sharing app. If you haven’t participated in this new trend featuring an Attractive Scale filter, here is all you need to know about it.

As the filters game is getting stronger each day, users are relying on artificial beauty filters whilst harming their self-esteem. People have stopped believing in their natural beauty and are possessed by these trending filters offered by various social media platforms.

Though, these Augmented Reality filters have endangered the self-confidence of many, on the other hand they are amazing tools for entertainment.

The Attractive Scale, that is collecting applauds from the TikTok community seems to confirm the level of your conventional attractiveness. Though the filter is spreading like wild fire on the video-sharing app, some users have also objected it for rating them on a useless scale.

Let’s dig in deep to know how it works. Stay tuned!

What Is Attractive Scale On TikTok

Image Of What Is Attractive Scale On TikTok

Shape Shifting Filter was quite popular on the internet lately. This filter provided base for multiple challenges that became quite popular across the internet. Most of the challenges included taking an image of a users’ face and shifting it into the image of someone else. In most of cases, users compared their faces with Disney characters and celebrities.

The Attractive Scale Filter also is quite similar to the Shape Shifting Filter. The only difference is, it shifts your face into the face of a popular celebrity. The celebrities are given ratings of 1-10, hence you come to know where you stand on the Attractiveness Scale.

The popular celebrities Chris Hemsworth and Ian Somerhalder stand at 10th position for men’s category while Emma Watson is leading the list on women’s side.

Though the results given by the filter aren’t accurate but it is quite fun to know how much attractive the application/filter thinks you to be. Some users have slammed the trend for giving similar results to almost every user.

The girl army from TikTok is getting Adriana Lima more often, so one user complained about it saying ““Every white girl with black hair gets Adriana.”

However, whether you end at level ten or nine, the legitimacy of this scale is still questionable. Many users have complained to experience similar results for most of the people.

Male Attractiveness Scale TikTok

Image Of Male Attractiveness Scale TikTok

According to HITC, the scale level is summarized on the following points:

“Extremely attractive — most people will agree she is hot or stunning. Virtually no facial feature ‘defects’, only variances which make a person look unique. High symmetrical. Two or more great body parts and everything else is very nice. Perfect teeth. Hygiene is excellent.”

If you have reached the 9th or 10th level, it means that you have got ‘great body parts’ and excellent hygiene and no facial defects. But if it has given you scale 1, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t look good. This trend is meant for entertainment so, don’t take the results seriously.

After getting low rating on the scale, some of the users have shared the results in hilarious way. One user wrote, “HELP I DID THAT WEIRD TIKTOK TREND WITH THE 1-10 ATTRACTIVENESS SCALE AS A JOKE AND IT GAVE ME A 1, *Cry Emoji*.

Another user said, “According to the TikTok attractiveness scale trend I’m a 5/10 That’s with the jawline, take away the jawline EASILY -5 SO 0/10”

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Last Words

This was all about the viral TikTok trend Attractive Scale. Hopefully, the article has enlightened you with all the information you needed to know.

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