Girl Filter Snapchat — Here’s How To Get It

Here is all you need to know about the gender swap Girl Filter Snapchat. After reading this article you will get to know about how the girl filter Snapchat can be accessed and used. Keep scrolling!

Though Snapchat is left behind in the race of social media applications but it has still a considerable number of live users. The only attractive features of Snapchat are its messages disappearing feature and the variety of filters. Snapchat offers thousands of filters for its users and these lenses are the center of attraction for Snapchat users.

Since last few months, transformation filters on Snapchat have gathered a considerable fan base. The girl filter, guy filter and baby filter has inspired many users all around the globe. Meme community also has used these filters and they have come up with hilarious content. Let’s dig deep, to learn more about the Girl Filter On Snapchat.

What Is Girl Filter On Snapchat

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Girl Filter On Snapchat is a transformation filter that can give you a girlish look in just few taps. Before the Girl Filter, we have also seen girls using the guy filter to experience the gender swap. The guy filter adds beard, mustache, masculine jawline and short hair. While the Girl Filter will you a girly look by removing facial hair, adding long hair and by smoothing your skin tone.

One of the most viral videos that used these gender swap filters was created by a photographer named as Scott Hubbard. He has created a lip-sync duet using the song “Bring me to life”. The video features him switching between male and female character to sing the duet song. The video became a big hit and it inspired so many other users to use the gender swap filter.

Users should know that the gender swap filters won’t work while making video using android devices. Using the android phones you can just click pictures. The effect fully applies on the videos created with iOS devices.

How To Get Girl Filter On Snapchat

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If you are wondering to know how this filter can be accessed, then here is the detail,
For accessing the Girl Filter Snapchat, you will have to have a Snapchat account, if you don’t have one, download the Snapchat application and create a new account. If you already have an account on Snapchat, then make sure that the application is updated to its latest version.

Updating the application, helps you to access all the new lenses and filter rolled recently on the app. Now open the Snapchat application and tap on the camera button. Right next to your camera button you will find a smiley, tap on it and you will get exposed to plenty of filters.

Scroll through the filters until you get the big eyed and reddish lips filter icon. Once you get the filter open it and record a video, it will remove all your facial hair giving you a gorgeous look. If you are unable to find the filter among your filter’s list then there is another way to access this filter.

To get the filter, open your Snapchat application and go to the search bar. Now type Girl Filter and hit enter. Open the filter that pops up at the top. Add this filter to your favorite filters list so that you can access it instantly. Now you can make hilarious videos to entertain your friends and family.

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Bottom Line

The Snapchat transformation filters are lit. You can make hilarious videos using the Girl and Guy filter only if you have a creative mind. The most amusing idea is to create your version of song duets using these filters.

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