504 Gateway Timeout Error Meaning — How To Fix?

While attempting to send messages, Reddit users have complained that they are encountering an error message that reads, ‘504 Gateway Timeout’, the users are looking for its meaning. If you are among these Reddit users here we have gathered all the details about this error message.

It is very rare that Reddit users come across an error message, but when they encounter such errors, it takes longer to get fixed. Currently, users on this social media platform are reporting that they are unable to send messages to their friends.

A few Reddit users have reported that Reddit is currently down. They have taken it to Twitter to report the error. What is the meaning of the 504 Gateway Timeout Error? We have gathered all the information here in this article. Keep reading!

How To Fix 504 Gateway Timeout Error On Reddit?

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The viral 504 Gateway Timeout Error on Reddit means that the website server is down. This message often appears due to “gateway timeout”.

This error message is appearing while users on Reddit try to send messages to their friends. A white background alongside the error message ‘504 Gateway Timeout’ appears when the users try to send texts.

As revealed by the users the error message appears when the web server doesn’t receive a timely response to the page you are requesting to load. Although there might be another reason for this issue but we think it is occurring because the social media site is too busy.

The website redditstatus.com has reported that they are aware of the prevailing issue with chats. They wrote, “We have received reports that chat is not loading or only working intermittently for some users and are investigating the issue.”

Reddit users have also taken it to Twitter to report the error. One user wrote, “So um, anyone else notices Reddit is down today? Getting some gateway timeouts.”

Another said “Reddit is down, I repeat, Reddit is down,”

“Why is Reddit down the one time I was actually doing something important,” wrote one user.

“Reddit down again: the only ones who never disappointed me #RedditDown” joked another Twitter user.

504 Gateway Timeout Error Meaning On Reddit

Image Of 504 Gateway Timeout Error Meaning On Reddit

Although Reddit is looking into the matter they haven’t yet revealed any details about the solution to this issue. However, below we have garnered a few potential fixes to get rid of the 504 Gateway Timeout Error message on Reddit.

  • The issue is mainly occurring due to server issues. So, the first potential fix for you is, to refresh the page.
  • Wait for a few minutes and refresh the page one more time.
  • If refreshing the pages doesn’t fix the issue, try to access some other pages.
  • Also, try to sign out and sign in to your app again.

If the issue still prevails, update your app and check if the issue gets fixed. You can also try fixing the error by closing down the web page and re-launching it a few minutes later.

If none of the above hacks work, get to Reddit support directly. Write them an email addressing the issue you are currently facing.

However, Reddit has already stated that they are looking into the issue. So, we hope that this issue will get fixed soon.

So, the only thing that Reddit users must do for now is to wait for the issue to get resolved from Reddit’s end. We just hope that it will get fixed very soon.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Reddit error 504 Gateway Timeout, its meaning, and potential fixes. Hopefully, the article was helpful.

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