Actor Danny Masterson Has Been Sentenced To Jail – Is It True?

According to the latest updates famous actor Danny Masterson has been sentenced to jail for 30 years. It is said that he is going to spend 30 years of his life in prison. People are wondering to find the truth behind this news. If you are among his fans here is all you need to know about the news ‘actor Danny Masterson has been sentenced to jail for 30 years’. Keep reading for further details.

In the past few days, multiple reports are coming up about, actor Danny Masterson that he has been sentenced to serve 30 years of his life in prison for raping two women between 2001 and 2003. During that time, Masterson starred in the hit TV series ’70s Show, which was the height of his celebrity status. He was way more famous and he was at the peak of his career.

The reports said that Danny Masterson was found guilty in May for what he did. He was sentenced by a Los Angeles judge on Thursday (7 September 2023). The actor was convicted after three women testified that he had sexually assaulted them at his Hollywood home from 2001-03 – during the height of his television fame. According to some other reports he had given drugs to the victims before he assaulted them. His wife, Bijou Phillips, was seen in court breaking down in tears. After the hearing in court, Danny Masterson blows a kiss to his wife as he is going to spend 30 years of his in prison.

US Actor Danny Masterson Found Guilty On Two Counts Of Rape

Image Of US Actor Danny Masterson Found Guilty On Two Counts Of Rape

He was proven to have committed rape by two of the three people who accused him. The third person’s case ended in a mistrial, and the prosecutors have decided not to try the case again. Alison Anderson, a lawyer who is helping two of the victims, mentioned in a statement to BBC News that these women showed a lot of courage and strength. They came forward to the police and even took part in two very tough trials.

It was very tough for the victims to come out and demand justice. Danny Masterson was quite famous and strong that’s why it took several years to raise their voices against him. Even though they faced constant trouble, interference, and threats, these brave women played a significant role in making sure a dangerous person who committed sexual crimes was held responsible today.

During the trial, the prosecutors claimed that the Church of Scientology had assisted in hiding the assaults, which is something the organization strongly denies. The authorities of the church were continuously trying to hide the truth but due to the courage of these ladies, it was clear that Danny Masterson was found guilty of his sins.

More About Actor Danny Masterson And His Wife

Image Of More About Actor Danny Masterson And His Wife

As he was sentenced to death his wife was there in the court with eyes. After the final hearing when he was sentenced to serve 30 years in prison, he blew a kiss. According to the Daily Mail, after the sentencing, Phillips kept her wedding ring on as she left through the back exit of the Los Angeles Criminal Courthouse.

Danny Masterson’s wife’s name is Bijou Phillips. She is an American actress, model, socialite, and singer. The couple has been married since October 2011. They both identify as Scientologists. Phillips is the daughter of The Mamas & The Papas musician John Phillips and his third wife. She is a caring and helpful wife who always supports her husband.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the current situation of US actor Danny Masterson and his sentencing procedure to prison. Hopefully, this information was helpful.

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