Actor Mickey Rourke Turned 71 This Year? Explained

Fans have been sharing pictures from Mickey Rourke younger times and wishing him a 71st birthday as the actor turned 71 this year. He was looking so good in those pictures and many fans were confused about why actor Mickey Rourkey turned 71 this year. If you are among his fans here is all what you need to know. Keep reading for further details.

Mickey Rourke’s fans have shared a lot of pictures from his younger days on Twitter and they were wishing him in good and loving gesture. Many fans were unaware and asking about Mickey’s birthday. The younger self of Mickey was so good looking and many of the users were unable to recognize him. Mickey Rourkey is an American actor and well known for his unmatchable talent.

Mickey Rourke has made himself a true star and earned lots of love from people around the globe. He has played many roles and showcased his talent and he is famous for his roles in movies like Angel Heart, Year of the Dragon, Diner, and Rumble Fish, is about to celebrate his 71st birthday on September 16. Fans are sharing old pictures of him from when he was younger on Twitter. Mickey did something unusual when he left Hollywood, he became a boxer for a little while. Unfortunately, his boxing career was not that much long and those days led to some serious injuries, and he had to have plastic surgery to fix them. This surgery made him look different than before.

Mickey Rourke’s Younger Pictures And His 71st Birthday

Image Of Mickey Rourke’s Younger Pictures And His 71st Birthday

Mickey Rourke turns 71 on September 16. Fans have taken it to Twitter and posted a lot of pictures of their idol and showering him with love. Mickey who was born on September 16, 1952, in Schenectady, New York turns 71 this year. The actor’s parents divorced when he was still young. He has two siblings, brothers Joey and Sister Patricia.

From a very young age, Mickey started working hard to pursue his passion. He was trained in boxing and won many matches as a teen. Over the past week, several fans have taken to Twitter to share old pictures of Mickey Rourke. Several of these pictures are from his early films. Mickey has played a role in a lot of movies and become famous for his acting skills.

He started his acting career in the early 80s. The star was in his late twenties and early thirties when he got his big breaks. His iconic roles such as Boogie in Diner (1982), and Harry Angel in Angel Heart (1987). His other memorable roles came in the same decade in films like Eureka, 9 1/2 Weeks, and more. People have supported him and always showed love for whatever he did. He never disappointed his fans. On his 71st birthday his fans posted pictures from his 30s and showed a kind gesture. He looks so different in those pictures. His face is totally different now.

What Happened To Mickey Rourke’s Face?

Image Of What Happened To Mickey Rourke’s Face

According to some information, after only a few years of boxing, Mickey Rourke’s good looks were severely damaged. He broke his nose two times, his cheekbone, and hurt his ribs and toes. People who were helping him with his decisions told him to stop boxing or he could end up with long-lasting brain problems.

After several damages, it resulted in his looks and to overcome those facial damages he chose to do a plastic surgery. Mickey denied plastic surgery rumors for some time before admitting to them in 2009. He shared that his changed look had resulted from botched plastic surgery. “Most of it was to mend the mess of my face because of the boxing,” he shared, “but I went to the wrong guy to put my face back together.”

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Bottom Line

This was all about Mickey Rourke and how the actor has turned 71 this year. birthday and his career. Hopefully, this information was helpful.

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