Kanye West Is Releasing A New Album in 2023- Is It True?

According to some unknown resources, it is said that the famous Rapper and Singer Kanye West is releasing a new album in 2023. Users are wondering if it is true or not. If you are among them here is all that you need to know. Keep reading for more information.

A rumor is circling the internet that Kanye West is releasing a new album called Graduation 2 – but no one knows if it’s true. This rumor emerged on TikTok this week from a verified account named “Ye” and it also shared a supposed announcement video. Fans of Kanye West are going crazy after witnessing this news but many of the fans are considering this as silly frank and fake news.

Kanye West is a famous rapper and singer. His fans always support him for his music and always wait for his new albums. Few days back an unknown TikTok profile has the handle @user1947483752 and shared a montage captioned “Graduation 2” on Monday (September 11). After knowing about this news fans were amazed and surprised. Everyone in the comment section was asking about this album and sharing this tweet on their profiles to get confirmation about this news.

Kanye West’s New Music Album “Graduation 2”

Image Of Kanye West’s New Music Album Graduation 2

Kanye West himself never announced anything about his new music album. It was always this anonymous account on TikTok that has spread this rumor. The verified TikTok account titled “Ye” has announced the news that Kanye West is going to release his new album in 2023 which will titled “Graduation 2”.

This anonymous news contains videos and things related to West’s music albums from which it was hard to identify if it was true or not. It contains a series of high-quality clips from Kanye West’s Donda concerts and is captioned “6/10” – which many think is the release date of October 6.

The video is set to the track Broken Road by Yhandi. The same account also posted a clip of Kanye singing at Travis Scott’s Utopia concert. Fans were confused and they were trying to figure out what was actually going on. Some are saying it’s “Ye” posting on a private account, while others think the whole thing is a fake hoax. Either way, it’s sending fans crazy. But still, there is no official confirmation about this news nor Kanye West has reacted to this.

Fans Reactions Towards Kanye West’s New Album

Image Of Fans Reactions Towards Kanye West’s New Album

Fans are going crazy after knowing about this news and coming out with mixed reactions. They are confused and want to know more about this thing. Users are sharing their responses where they are continuously posting about West’s new album. One person wrote on Twitter: “KANYE JUST ANNOUNCED GRADUATION 2.”

“Omg Kanye is releasing a new album?” squealed another. A third fan added: “KANYE WEST JUST POSTED THIS VIDEO TO TIKTOK ANNOUNCING GRADUATION 2.” “This isn’t the real Kanye guys,” someone else said. Users are confused and still trying to figure out if was it really Kanye who posted this news on TikTok.

However, many are convinced it’s not Kanye, with another saying: “People will really believe anything”. Ye who posted this news on TikTok is currently vacationing in Europe with his new wife Bianca Censori. They have been spotted in Tuscany, Florence, and Venice in recent weeks. So it seems like this was a nasty and silly prank done by some unknown social media users who posted this random news to get the views and attention of users.

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Final Thoughts

This was all the available information about whether Kanye West is releasing a new music album in 2023 or not. Hopefully, this information was helpful.

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