Amazon Cs11 Error Troubles Users Around The Globe

Following the unexpected Internet outage, “Error 503 service unavailable” Amazon users are now encountering Cs11 Error that disrupts the navigations for the users.

It isn’t the first time that the e-commerce giant Amazon’s App is facing a glitch, two months earlier, users faced the “Error 503 service unavailable” and the company faced a loss worth millions. The “503 service unavailable” was basically an hour-long Internet outage in which the company’s sales suffered a lot. It was an approximately $34 million loss.

Following the costly error that occurred previously on the Amazon app, another annoying glitch has made its place. This error has disrupted navigation for certain users and they have taken it to various social platforms. Here is more detail about the error and the user’s reactions.

What Is Amazon Cs11 Error

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Amazon Cs11 is the recent error that is annoying users worldwide. Many users have reported that they are unable to order anything and also unable to view their orders. After facing the error for multiple hours, users have started complaining about the error on Twitter.

Complaints reporting Cs11 Error started popping up on August 24th, 2021. Before the complaints started flooding Twitter one Amazon user wrote, “@AmazonHelp iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 15 public beta, the Amazon Shopping app keeps giving me CS11 error; Permissions are correct, the app was uninstalled and reinstalled, no change. Is it a server-side issue? Please advise, thanks. Have a nice day!”

Following this Tweet, hundreds of people started complaining about Cs11 error. They wrote, @amazon still receiving #errorcs11 – unable to view orders, reorder, or do much of anything. Two of the four tabs give error CS11. Can’t really use the app in this state. Is there a fix on the way?” @amazon what’s up with your app? It’s not working today; keep getting a CS11 error all morning #Amazon #cs11,” another user complained.

Considering the complaints, it seems like the error prevails worldwide but the majority of error victims are iPhone users.

This glitch has restricted the users from ordering, checking on their orders, and accessing their profiles. Many users have even reinstalled the application but the error still prevails. It has been more than 24 hours now and the error isn’t yet.

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How To Fix Amazon Cs11 Error

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As thousands of users have reached Amazon asking for a solution, Amazon has addressed the error in one of its recent posts. Though the company has acknowledged the issue, they haven’t revealed the reason behind this glitch. The company asks the users to wait as they are already addressing the issue.

In the post, Amazon stated, “We’re sorry that some customers may be experiencing issues while shopping. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the issue”.

Users from all around the globe are eagerly waiting for the issue to be fixed. However, the company hasn’t suggested by fix nor it has talked about the reason behind this glitch. Apparently, this error seems to affect the company a lot as the error still prevails for many customers.

Not only the users who are trying to order from the app but the users who are waiting for their delivery are also encountering this glitch. They are unable to track their orders nor they can open their profiles.

Well, the reason for this error is yet to be revealed. Also, the company hasn’t fixed the issue yet. So, if you are facing the issue the only solution, for now, is to wait for the company to resolve the issue.

Bottom Line

This was all about the annoying Amazon Cs11 Error that has troubled the users worldwide. Hopefully, the company will resolve the issue to recover their smooth app operation.

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