Fans Honoring Nazar Mohammad —Videos Went Viral

Fans on TikTok are Honoring Nazar Mohammad who was a comedian executed by the Taliban recently in Afghanistan. The videos of the Taliban assaulting the comedian were also viral on the internet recently.

As reported by some of his fans, Nazar Mohammad mainly popular as Khasha Zwan was executed by Taliban forces for joking about the militant groups. After the Taliban forces took control of some of the Afghan provinces, Nazar Mohammad aka Khasha Zwan was arrested by the militants.

A video that went viral on the Internet showcases the popular comedian being assaulted by Taliban forces. The videos clearly show how he was surrounded by a group of Taliban militants. 

Who Is Nazar Mohammad Aka Khasha Zwan

Image Of Who Is Nazar Mohammad Aka Khasha Zwan

As fans keep honoring Nazar Mohammad in their TikTok videos, the rest of the audience is curious to know the reason behind his death. Some TikTok users aren’t even aware of the comedian’s personality.

Well, Nazar Mohammad was a popular comedian of Afghanistan. He had a large following on social media. Though he wasn’t a TV personality, he was followed by people from Afghanistan and outside the country. He was quite active on TikTok and was known for his humor and lightheartedness. Nazar Mohammad belonged to the southern part of Kandahar province.

According to several reports, Khasha Zwan has also worked with Afghan National Police. He was also said to be associated with the torture and killing of the Taliban earlier.

However, it has been several days since the comedian has been killed, Fans are circulating videos that contain images and videos of the late Nazar Mohammad.

Some users have created slideshows containing images of Nazar Mohammad while many others have made sketches in the memory of their favorite TikTok comedian. TikTok fans of Khasha Zwan and supports are mourning his online presence.

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Why Taliban Executed Khasha Zwan

Image Of Why Taliban Executed Khasha Zwan

According to several reports, Khasha Zwan was killed for mocking the Afghan Taliban in most of his videos. Some reports also show his relevance with the torture and killing of the Taliban by the Afghan Police.

After being kidnapped by a Taliban group, a video went viral on the internet that contains footage of the comedian surrounded by the Taliban militants holding weapons. In the video, Khasha Zwan can be seen sitting in the backseat of a car. The Taliban men were constantly slapping and abusing him. As per reports, he was later killed by the Taliban.

Far from his house in Kandahar, he was taken to an undisclosed location, beaten, and then shot multiple times. In the viral footage, Khasha Zwan can be heard mocking the Taliban until he was shot.

Talking about the fierceness of Khasha @Andrew Doyle Tweeted saying, Even as he was being arrested by the Taliban, the comedian Nazar Mohammad was making jokes about them to their faces.

He was later found dead.

“The greatest enemy of authority is contempt, and the surest way to undermine it is laughter” – Hannah Arendt”

Another user added, “RIP Nazar Mohammad AKA Khasha Zwan an Afghanistan comic who stuck 2 fingers up to the Taliban….even as he was being dragged away to have his throat cut he ridiculed them but telling anti-Taliban jokes to their faces.”

However, a Taliban spokesperson named Zabihullah Mujahid has condemned the incident. He stated that the Taliban should have bought him before the Taliban Court instead of murdering him. He also stated that the murderers are being arrested.

Last Words

This was all about the murder of the famous Afghan comedian who fought with the Taliban forces using his comic stills. May his soul flies high in the sky!

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