April Fool Is Cancelled Meme Meaning – Explained

April Fool Is Cancelled Meme is the latest meme trend to flood social media platforms and users are wondering to know its meaning. If you also are looking to find the meaning of the April Fool Is Cancelled Meme, we have gotten your back. Here is everything you need to know about the current viral meme trend.

Every year people used to wait for the arrival of April to pull pranks on their friends and family. However, this year the scenario is a bit different and users are talking about cancelling April Fool. They also have come forward with several reasons for cancelling the trend.

As users have come to know about the April Fool Is Cancelled Meme on the internet, they are wondering what made people cancel this fun day. For the majority of people, April Fool day was a fun day where they used to pull pranks and break some harmless jokes on their friends.

Though there are still a few hours left for the April Fools occasion, users already are talking about Krispy Kreme’s Pumpkin Spice glazed donuts as they are going to lay their hands over this special item. However, some users believe it might be a prank. Well, similar to this one, you are going to come across hundreds of jokes and pranks on the 1st of April and there are chances that you might still get convinced by them.

If you want to be part of the ‘April Fools is cancelled’ team, below we have gathered all the available information and the meaning of this viral meme phrase.

What Is The Meaning Of April Fool Is Cancelled Meme?

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It is obvious that the world would not wish April Fools to be cancelled but are you ready to face a joke that will overpower this occasion?

This viral meme April Fool Is Cancelled is getting famous as members believe that they don’t need a particular day to pull silly pranks on their friends.

Several Twitter users have created hilarious memes out of real-life situations but this is not the cup of tea for everyone.

The meme trend started going viral after meme creators shared “April Fools is cancelled” caption alongside the reason why it should be cancelled. A few believe that the world is already going through a lot so humans must not be given more trouble.

April Fool Is Cancelled Meme

Image Of April Fool Is Cancelled Meme

If you are still unable to understand what it means, below we have gathered all the memes that creators have shared over Twitter with the hashtag April Fool Is Cancelled.

One user wrote, “April Fools is cancelled this year because there’s no bigger joke than our generation”.

Another added, “April Fools is cancelled in 2023 because no prank could match the unbelievable happenings of the world right now.”

“April Fools is cancelled this year, there’s no bigger joke other than myself,” said one, “April Fools cancelled because there is no bigger joke than my cheating boyfriend”, wrote another.

“The April fools is cancelled this year cause there’s no bigger joke than my love life”, said one.

“April Fools cancelled this year cause ain’t no bigger joke than me and this degree”, read another Tweet.

While some are requesting to cancel the day, others have already started pulling pranks on their friends. There also are users who are worried to face the day. Here is how they have responded to the approaching fool’s day:

One user worte, “Keep your head on a swivel everyone! Its almost April Fools time.”

Another added, “2023 April Fools Day is going to really be a fool’s day”.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the April Fool Is Cancelled Meme Meaning and opinions of social media users related to it. What is your reason for cancelling the April fool’s Day? Let us know in the comment box below.

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