Is Ahoufe Abrantie Dead? All About The TikTok Sensation

The Ghanaian TikTok content creator Ahoufe Abrantie is said to be dead and fans are looking to know for the reason behind his death. According to the available reports, the content creator passed away after a short illness. Fans have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to extend their prayers for the lively content creator and condolences to his family. While fans are mourning the loss of this young TikTok creator, below we have taken a glance at his career.

TikTok users are coming across bad news as reports claim that their favorite TikTok creator is no more in this world. The news about the sudden demise of Ahoufe Abrantie came on the internet on Thursday, 30th March 2023. It was confirmed in some social media posts.

Though there is no confirmed detail about the cause of Ahoufe Abrantie’s death, some social media posts reveal that he died of a short illness. The disease is also not disclosed yet. Fans have also confirmed that Ahoufe Abrantie was streaming live from his TikTok handle a day before the news of his passing came on the internet. According to the available information, he passed away in his home in Kumasi, Ghana.

The sudden demise of the TikTok creator has shocked his fans. Some of the fans of Ahoufe Abrantie are not even relying on the news that talks about the creator’s death.

Below we have gathered all the available information surrounding the young creator’s death.

Is Ahoufe Abrantie Dead?

Image Of Is Ahoufe Abrantie Dead

The news of Ahoufe Abrantie’s death first appeared on the internet when a Kumasi-based rapper, Jay Bhad of Asakaa Boys Tweeted about it. He confirmed the news on Twitter on Thursday, March 30th.

He shared a video of the late TikTok creator dancing with joy to one of his songs. The caption of the video read, “Life too short, rest well Ahoufe, U gonna be miss 4ever.”

As soon as fans came across the news, they flocked to Ahoufe Abrantie’s TikTok handle to confirm the legitimacy of the news. Many of them have poured the comment section with messages of condolence and prayer. They also have expressed their grief for losing such a young lively creator.

It took only a few months for Ahoufe Abrantie to get famous on social media. He joined the video-sharing app TikTok in June 2022. Ahoufe was also famous for his resemblance with Tupac and thus he used to share videos mimicking this late American rapper.

Within a short time period of 10 months, Ahoufe Abrantie had garnered more than 3.9 million followers. He also earned 39.8 million views on a total of his 217 videos.

Ahoufe Abrantie Dead Or Alive?

Image Of Ahoufe Abrantie Dead Or Alive

The news of Ahoufe Abrantie’s death has shocked his fans and they have taken to multiple social media platforms to express their grief.

His fans are re-visiting his TikTok handle and are pouring comments on his videos. Here is how Ahoufe Abrantie’s fans have responded to the news of his sudden demise.

One user wrote, “On his first ever TikTok, one fan commented: “This is where it all started… RIP legend”.

Another added, “I came to check if it’s true, RIP my favorite TikTok”.

“Your videos always bring smiles, rest well gentle soul,” said one of his fans.

“May his soul rest in peace”, wrote another user.

TikTok users have claimed that they would miss Ahoufe Abrantie’s presence on the platform.

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The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, Ahoufe Abrantie is dead and he has passed away following a short illness. No other information surrounding his death is confirmed yet. May his soul rest in peace.

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