ASL Meaning On TikTok — Revealed

Users on TikTok have started getting behind a new slang term ‘ASL’ and here we are going to reveal its meaning. According to the TikTok users, this short term has several meanings behind it. The article covers all the possible meanings of this viral slang, Stay with us!

TikTok? Naah, better call it the slang bank! Yes, it wouldn’t be wrong if I call the video-sharing app slang bank. With every scroll, users encounter a number of slang terms and most of them appear to be alien to most of them. Especially the users who are newbies on the video-sharing app, don’t get to understand the comments and captions they come across.

Thus, to help all the users get the meaning of such slang terms, BrunchVirals makes sure to come up with an explanation of every new term that pops up on the platform.

Currently, the slang term that has baffled all the users on TikTok is ‘ASL; and here we have provided all its possible meanings. Keep reading!

What Is The Meaning Of ASL On TikTok?

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The meaning of ASL is quite simple, if you are a genius you will get it right away. Aren’t getting it? Well, that’s totally fine. Let us help you! Try reading the acronym at a slower pace and repeat it thrice. What are you getting to here? As Hell? Voila! You guessed it right.

The first meaning that TikTok users refer ASL to is ‘as hell’. The Urban Dictionary described it as ‘He didn’t listen to his mom, and now she is mad asl”.

Another usage of this slang term is, ‘I’m tired asl’, it simply means I am tired as hell.

Twitter users have also hopped into the bandwagon and they have started using this term in their Tweets. Here is what a few Twitter users have written on Twitter:

One user wrote: ‘drake is fine asl stop showing us that one video’.

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘I’m lame asl I think I’m the only person celebrate 4/20’.

As hell is the most common meaning of ASL on TikTok and other platforms. However, there are some other usages of this slang term that we will be discussing in the proceeding paragraph.  Keep scrolling and get to know all possible meanings of the viral slang ‘ASL’ from TikTok.

TikTok Slang ASL Meaning

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According to Urban Dictionary, the TikTok slang ‘ASL’ can also be used to refer to Age, Sex, and Location. If you need to ask someone their age, sex, and location, you can use ASL to save your time.

Here is how you will incorporate ASL in sentences when you want to ask about the Age, Sex, and location of anyone you are chatting with online.

You will say, ‘“I’m tryna get to know you, let us start with a little ASL”. ASL is used in this context when someone wants to know more details about a person they are talking to in online chat rooms.

One TikTok user wrote a caption using this term and it read:

‘Hey babes I know you guys have been wanting to learn ASL, so I am going to teach you a new lesson today.

The slang term has boasted immense attention from the users. The hashtag ASL has earned over 4.2 billion views on the video-sharing app so far which is mighty! The hashtag is often used with videos containing information about American Sign Language.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about all the possible meanings of ASL on TikTok. Hopefully, we are able to convey all the details you were looking for. Are you familiar with any other meaning of ASL? Let us know in the comment box below.

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