Banana Sprite Trend TikTok – Trend Resurfaces On TikTok

The dangerous banana and sprite trend has once again made it to TikTok and users are hopping onto it without knowing the consequences. If you are among the users who are planning to be part of this trend, here is what adverse effects it can have on your health.

TikTok is once again being bombarded with dodgy challenges. Even though users are aware of its consequences, they still are hopping on the trend just to earn a few likes and followers.

Just recently users were getting behind the viral Ozempic Drug trend and big straw trend and now it is time for the Banana and Sprite trend to trend to suffer the TikTok users.

The Ozempic Durg trend that got popular earlier this week, asks the users to eat a diabetes type 2 drug for rapid weight loss. This trend has created severe shortages of the Ozempic Drug in the market, creating it difficult for diabetes type 2 sufferers. Similarly, the Big Straw trend asks the users to drink water/juice/milk at one go using a big straw. This challenge too has endangered the lives of many people.

Now, aiding the trouble on TikTok, The banana Sprite challenge also has made it to the video-sharing app. Here is everything you need to know about this dangerous trend from TikTok. Keep reading!

What Is The Banana Sprite Trend On TikTok?

Image Of What Is The Banana Sprite Trend On TikTok

The dangerous Banana Sprite trend has resurfaced on the video-sharing app after the video streamer iShowSpeed has taken part in it. Seems like, iShowSpeed is on a mission to attempt all the dangerous challenges on the video-sharing app TikTok. Earlier, the video streamer took part in the Big Straw trend aiding its popularity on TikTok. However, he later accepted that the ‘Big Straw trend’ was the worst trend he ever attempted on the video-sharing app.

As per the available information, the Banana Sprite trend is older than TikTok itself. People used to attempt it even before TikTok came into existence. However, the trend that is currently going viral on the internet is a modified version of the original Sprite Challenge.

The trend asks the users to eat two bananas followed by a bottle of sprite. Several users have compared it to the Mentos and Coke trend however the Banana and Sprite challenge is much more dangerous than the former.

Though the trend sounds simple and it even looks cool when attempted, but the participant’s reaction after they complete the trend, says it all. The majority of users who have participated in the trend have given bad reviews to the trend.

TikTok Warns Against The Dangerous Banana Sprite Trend

Image Of TikTok Warns Against The Dangerous Banana Sprite Trend

The majority of TikTok users who participated in this trend have revealed that they got sick afterward. Some have claimed that they couldn’t stop burping as soon as they tried the trend.

TikTok has warned the audience about this trend and has suggested that content creators to stay away from such trends.  

These trends that are dangerous in nature are coming up with a warning written on them. For this trend too, there is a warning statement written on it. The statement reads, “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt”

If you are eyeing hopping onto this bandwagon, we would suggest you not to do so. Else you will end up hurting yourself. Keep checking on your young ones also, as these trends may be more dangerous to them.

Though IShowSpeed made the trend resurface on the internet, he himself fell sick afterward. He can be seen throwing the can of sprite right after attempting the trend.

Reports claim that IShowSpeed had to call 911 because he felt so sick. He claimed that “something was wrong with his digestive system” after he ate 3 bananas followed by a bottle of sprite.

The streamer is yet to comment on this trend and about his health. However, after attempting the Big Straw Trend, he said, “It was the worst TikTok challenge I ever attempted”.

Make sure you aren’t participating in any such trend, or else, you will get yourself hurt.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the Banana Sprite Trend on TikTok is all about and how it can affect your health. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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