Benji Krol: Who is He? What did Benji do?

Who is Benji Krol? Benji Krol is 19 years old, Brazil origin TikTok star. He has more than twelve million followers on TikTok.

He had a boyfriend named Gorge Garay, who is also a TikTok star with over one million followers. Last time Benji survived a suicide attempt. The reason he revealed for attempting suicide on his Twitter account was shocking.

There are many allegations about different social media personalities. Some of them are real and some are made to defame them.

When someone becomes popular on social media they gain followers as well as opponents who are related to the same field. And it is also possible that, if someone gets famous he/she will become notorious in a short time.

Image of Benji Krol

What did Benji do?

Benji was accused of child grooming. A fifteen years old child has accused both Benji and his friend Gorge of sexting him. The boy on an anonymous account revealed that both Benji and Gorge had taken the wrong advantage of their friendship with him. And this accident happened in February this year.

According to the “they took advantage of my friendship and exploited and coerced me into doing what they wanted for sexual pleasure. He also added that they used their power as an influencer to manipulate me into doing what they wanted. And it is easy to be manipulated by someone older than you.

The boy also claimed that Benji added him on SnapChat and sent him nudes. He also alleged the star of saying inappropriate words to him.

 What does it mean to groom a minor?

Child grooming refers to establishing an emotional connection with a child to sexually exploit him/her. Child grooming is also used to pull children into different illegal businesses like child trafficking, child prostitution, and child pornography.

To stop this crime, every country has set its own strict laws and regulations and punishes the accused person accordingly. There are also many unanimous international bodies whose aim is to stop child grooming.

After that, the ratio of such incidents has decreased to some extend. But there is a need to completely eradicate such immoral activities from society.

The consequences of such immoral activities lead to more evils in society. Either the affected person will commit suicide or will be part of more such humiliations. The predator will hunt for more innocent children and the evilness will spread all over.

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Where is Benji Krol Now?

The question is after such accusation by the boy, what happened to Benji Krol? Is Benji Krol dead? The truth is, no he is still alive.

The TikTok star revealed on his Twitter account that he attempted suicide but he has survived. At first, Benji denied all the allegations against him. But recently on Sunday 23 August, he took back his claim and said some parts of the allegations were true.

Benji Krol is in hospital after attempting suicide. So that is why it took him this long to address this issue publically. He is extremely sorry for what he did.

He said “I know it is extremely wrong and in no way I am trying to excuse anything because it should have never occurred in either way” and he apologized from the affected person.

According to him, at first, he was not in favor of doing this. He told his boyfriend Gorge that it is wrong and he is uncomfortable with it.

So he has broken up with his boyfriend Gorge Garay after this incident. Now he would take a break from social media and he had promised to better himself so that such a thing would never happen again.


Such kind of incidents are a curse for the society. The international community should take more strict actions against the grooming of minors.

Now Benji should promote awareness through his social media accounts against such illicit activities to his followers. Bringing an end to such activities will be beneficial for all of us and our upcoming generations.

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