Custom Words: Guessing And Drawing Game Custom Words-These days in the lockdown people are getting bore being locked at home for long. I must say they should play puzzle games for engagement with the current situation. Puzzle games ask you to think and can lead us to become a better thinker.

Image of Custom Words..

People of any age can play this game without restrictions. is a great online game where you guess what other people are drawing around the globe. You can be the winner if you play and score high. It looks interesting, ain’t it?

So,You don’t need to pay or register for anything here, what you got to do is install the app and enjoy the game online with all the ease. It has come in the list of the Most viewed and played games which is a great victory for the makers and the players as well.

Well in upgraded version of this game, Now people need to add custom words.
so here our heads are filling with some questions. What are these ? how to add them to our game? Your questions has given answers below,

How to add Custom Words in

You need to choose from a list of words to draw a picture so others can guess suppositionally. In this game, you are opposite to the other members.

You can easily determine what they are painting with a full heed and focus. It could be anything from a pencil to a mountain.
so, here we go with steps to add words which are as follows,

  • Maidenly we need to make a private room on the board its simple, easy, and totally free of cost.
  • Now draw a time and fix the language, then you will find an option to draw custom words which can be separated using commas.
  • When you are done doing that words will be shown up in the game and finally, you would guess them. Tick the bottom ”Use Custom word exclusively” if you don’t they will be mixed with the normal list.

Furthermore, You need to have only four words with custom words. With the chosen word you need to have 30 characters for each. It will not work if it exceeds the numbers.

If you follow the rules, you would play the game without interruption.

Can someone play on Mobile?

Wanted to play on Mobile? Well, of course, you can play on mobiles. For doing so you need to download this app and can play with all ease with your friends and random people as well.

How many players are capable to play?

Basically, 8 players can play randomly but if you want to play with your friends, you just need to send a simple so that they can join you by clicking it.

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