Blue Whale TikTok Challenge: A Life Ending TikTok Challenge

The blue whale TikTok challenge is a horrible dangerous suicide challenge that appears to goad vulnerable teens into killing themselves.

It is said that is has its origin from Russia where a teen girl has committed suicide. Later on, at least 130 more deaths of teens across Russia and a lot more in the UK and US.

Usually, social media challenges are trending nowadays and being performed by everyone regardless of their age or maturity level. The boost has even increased after the advent of TikTok.

It is an app which is easy to use and used by billions of users around the world.

Further, to make it interesting, different dares or challenges keep coming that people follow. firstly, to earn views and coins and secondly to have fun etc. Moreover, it’s not only about TikTok but other social media app as well. Where different dangerous challenges have become a trend.

Moreover, a race of being famous and an obsession with views have made people accept and perform different dangerous social media challenges and trends. 

Some less Dangerous challenges and trends that got fame too. Those are Kiki Challenge, bottle opening challenge, ice cream challenge, and planking, etc.

 What is Blue Whale TikTok Challenge?

The blue whale TikTok challenge has previously used to exist on different social media apps, like, on Instagram and Twitter. similarly, it is now increasing in popularity on TikTok as well.

The Blue Whale Challenge is a very dangerous and inappropriate SUICIDE CHALLENGE. Everybody having access to such social media apps follows it.

The trend is aims at teenagers and sets 50 challenges over 50 days. finally, the last task given to commit suicide.

In brief, this challenge is an incredibly dangerous trend with life-threatening consequences. If you see the Blue Whale Challenge existing on TikTok, report the posts and do not interact with.

Origin and How to Play the Game?

The deadly game has originated from Russia and has taken many lives there. Now spreading across the world. A girl named Rina Palenkova has started the story of blue whale challenge.

On 22 November 2015, Rina, a teenager living in south-eastern Russia, posted a selfie. In the photo she was standing outside. Around her mouth and nose she had wrapped a black scarf.

She was sticking her middle finger up at the camera. It looks like it’s covered in dried blood.

The photo’s caption read “Nya Bye’’.

The next day she took her own life.

saying that, that there is a group administrator who assigns daily tasks to members. They have to complete them in 50 days.

Firstly, The terrifying task includes self-harming, watching horror movies and getting up at unusual hours. then, gradually the challenges become more extreme.

Finally, on the last day of challenge, I mean on 50 day the manipulators who control the game instruct the teen to commit suicide.

Police have posted online awareness to the parents in the UK and other countries.

Police have reported “Almost all these children were members of the same internet groups and lived in good, happy families.’’

In addition to it, a journalist Novaya Gazeta reported that 130 children might have killed themselves between November 2015 and April 2016 because of their participation in these groups. It would come to known worldwide as the Blue Whale Challenge.

Image of what is Blue Whale TikTok Challenge

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In a Nutshell

We all know that social media is the biggest necessary of the present age. However, there are various issues that make it a dangerous platform

It is not possible to keep children away from the internet today. The best thing to do is keep an eye on the websites they are indulged in. In addition to it, the content they are looking up on Google. It is better to use your hands, arms and legs in game rather than fingers.

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