What is Kabedon Challenge on TikTok: Procedure and Meaning Explained

On social media, you will see a new challenge every other day. Social media users post different types of challenges to have fun. In this article, we will discuss the latest Kabedon Challenge TikTok which is trending.

TikTok is one of the best and most popular short video sharing platforms, where you will mostly find entertainment content. It has more than 800 million active users all over the world. The users on TikTok can post videos of size from 15 seconds to one minute.

It is not the first time that something is trending on TikTok, this course is ongoing for a long time. It is the power of social media that make anything viral in no time.

Let’s talk about what is the Kabedon Challenge on TikTok, which has attracted many on social media.

What is Kabedon Challenge on TikTok?

As mentioned before, the trend of challenges on TikTok is not new, it has started with the launch of TikTok. Every time, the TikTokers come up with a different challenge, like Shoe Flip Challenge, Chicken Wings Dance Challenge, Level Up Challenge, and many more.

Well, now talk about the latest Kabedon Challenge which is trending on TikTok these days. When we talk about its origin, this challenge officially started from Japanese Manga and series. If you love to watch Japanese Manga and Anime series, then you may have probably an idea about this.


Kabedon challenge with my friend @theoneshu @bsoohoo #kabedonchallenge #kabedon #japanese #prank

♬ original sound – Red Choi

Kabedon is a method of seducing a woman which is deduced from the Japanese Manga movie. It is also popular as a Japanese mating ritual.

Although, to perform this challenge involves a man and a woman. In this, the man pushes the woman against the wall with the help of his hands. The whole process is pretty seducing and can be useful to flirt with someone.

Kabedon Challenge Meaning in Japanese

This challenge got viral in Eastern Asia, especially in Japan as it is copied from Mange movies. Kabedon is a combination of two Japanese worlds. First is “Kabe” which means “Wall” and the second is “don” which means a thud noise something makes when it comes into contact with another.

TikTokers are making videos in the same fashion as described. A man pushes his partner or wife against the wall, grabs her hands, and acts romantically. You will find lots of videos performing this challenge. It has gained more than 80 million views within a few days.

Fans Reaction to This Challenge

Challenges mostly involve fun and performers of course do it for fun and as well to post on social media to get views and love reacts. Several social media stars have created a video while doing this challenge and their fans are loving it.

Many other people on TikTok have created funny scenes while performing this challenge and even some can’t hold their laughter while doing it.

It is a romantic scene to perform which can enhance love among the performing partners. The viewers of the videos have shown their disappointment over some videos because they had failed to do the acting as it is meant to be.

If you are using TikTok and have a partner, then what are you waiting for. Make a video while performing this challenge and post it on your account to share with your friends and family, and get many loves reacts and views.

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Social media applications are the best source of entertainment, that you will find every kind of entertainment content there. TikTok has earned its name in this cause. Every day a new thing gets viral on TikTok. Kabedon Challenge is a current sensation that is circulating on TikTok for many days. It is a romantic challenge that involves couples.

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