BTS Member Kim Namjoon Appeared In Harry Potter- Is It True?

In recent days there is a video going viral where BTS fans are claiming that their idol Kim Namjoon aka RM (BTS Member) has appeared in Harry Potter. BTS fans are wondering and want to know more details about this video. If you are among BTS fans here is all that you need to know.

According to the latest updates, there is a viral video circling all the social media sites and it is about one of the most famous personalities of the Korean band BTS. BTS fans are going crazy after witnessing the viral video. This video is about a small portion of the Movie Harry Potter.  If you are a BTS fan you should be well aware of BTS member’s likes and dislikes. If you know the famous rapper Kim Namjoon aka RM he is a huge fan of Harry Potter.

According to some BTS fans Kim Namjoon has appeared in Harry Potter as a background character. Eagle-eyed BTS fans seem to be convinced that RM is in the background as a struggling artist. It’s not a big deal and not too surprising because every artist struggles at the beginning of their career. So Kim Namjoon was doing the same. We all the struggles and hard work of BTS members. They have achieved everything and now they all are well-known personalities.

Is It Really Kim Namjoon AKA RM?

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As the rumors of Kim Namjoon being in Harry Potter started on social media fans are continuously sharing the video with their friends and their timelines. It had created a new hype among BTS fans and they were happy as they saw their idol back then working hard to achieve his goals. The video went viral within hours.

In the video, we saw a boy playing the violin who looks more like RM, and fans are convinced that he their idol. For just a tiny second, we notice someone in the background who is playing the violin. BTS fans are comparing this boy to their idol Kim Namjoon. Before the actor became famous in K-pop, many people believed he resembled RM. Moreover, because the singer often talked about the movie and his love for Harry Potter, fans thought there could be a link between them.

The video went viral in just a few hours and users are wondering to have answers. BTS fans are waiting for confirmation from any of the BTS members. If we talk about the current updates it was made clear that the boy playing violin in the background is not BTS member RM. He has never made an appearance in any of the movies.

More About BTS Member Kim Namjoon

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As we all that BTS is famous all over the world. They have worked hard and built up their personalities. BTS fans are all over the world and they support their idols at every situation. In recent days RM was in the headlines as fans were claiming that he had made an appearance in Harry Potter, but later it was confirmed that the person who appeared as a background artist was not Kim Namjoon.

It is not a big deal for BTS members to be in the headlines. It is a regular thing that they always pop up in the headlines. If we talk about speculations RM is going to join ARMY for two years and BTS fans have to wait to see their idol on stage. The rapper also noted that he was working on a new project with a new team and that was something ARMY could look forward to.

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Bottom Line

This was all about whether BTS Member Kim Namjoon Appeared In Harry Potter or not. Hopefully, this information was helpful.

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