Bus Driver Silhouette Challenge — What Happened Next?

After the viral Buss It Challenge, Silhouette Challenge has also made a comeback as the Bus Driver Silhouette Challenge went viral. But is it safe for a bus driver to do the challenge while on duty? Well, it sounds quite normal but in reality it’s not. Today in this article we will discuss about how a simple TikTok challenge has ruined a Bus driver’s life. Keep scrolling!

TikTok has given a kick-start to this new decade with some of its most popular challenges. Within a month, TikTok users have got to see plenty of challenges that made to their foryou pages.

TikTok users have observed that the challenges on this video sharing application are getting trickier than before. Previously, the viral challenges included some transition videos and dance videos, but for now TikTok users have to work on their editing skills in order to cope with the evolving trends.

In some previous days, a red challenge known on TikTok as Silhouette challenge went viral. Millions of users participated in the challenge while standing at their doorways. But as soon as a bus driver rolled a video performing this challenge while on duty, he faced a terrible situation. But what exactly happened? Here is the detail, Keep reading!

What Is Bus Driver Silhouette Challenge

Image Of What Is Bus Driver Silhouette Challenge

Following the famous Silhouette Challenge a bus driver known on TikTok as @Cardodabusdriver has shared a video, featuring him doing the red filter challenge. Initially he can be seen doing bus inspection,(he was actually pretending) and then he applies the red filter while wearing his underwear. He can also be seen doing gymnastics on the bus.

As soon as he uploaded the video, it went viral and people took it to other social media platforms. After the video went viral, the followers count of @Cardodabusdriver got an addition of 31,000 followers. The viral video got millions of views and hearts from the TikTok community.

Twitter users have also come forward to share their opinion related to this viral video trend. The famous filmmaker Sharine Taylor has tweeted the video saying “Imagine you’re standing at Dufferin and Bloor waiting for the 29 and the bus driver is at the Exhibition Loop doing the silhouette challenge”

Why Is Bus Driver Silhouette Challenge So Popular 

Image Of Why Is Bus Driver Silhouette Challenge So Popular

Besides the Silhouette Challenge he also has shared videos performing some viral challenges including the Big Bank from TikTok. But this Bus Driver Silhouette Challenge has taken the internet with storm and it has reached to his employer as well. He is a Canada based bus driver, but now he has got fired after being noticed by higher management.

Though it’s a bad news that he lost his job but Cardo is quite happy with this decision. When a TikTok user asked him about his job in a comment, he replied saying he doesn’t care about his job. He further added “once you go viral — it doesn’t matter if you got a job right?

Some people also have opposed the bus driver as they consider it an undisciplined behavior. People are asking how a bus driver can do such weird stuff while on his shift. Some people have shared memes expressing how a TikTok challenge has made the bus driver lose his job.

He has uploaded another video from his TikTok account in response to a comment that trolled him saying “Fired Fired Fired” he seems quite grumpy in the video and says he doesn’t even give a damn about his job.

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Final Words

This was all about the viral Bus Driver Silhouette Challenge and its back story. Hope the article has revealed all important facts about this TikTok hype.

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