Snowface Challenge — Fun Game To Play On Snowy Days

The Snowface Challenge has become famous as millions of twitter and Facebook users are experimenting with it from various regions of the world. As snowy weather is always fun but it sometimes gets boring when you can’t step out of your houses due to heavy snow on the roads. For such scenarios, Snowface challenge is the best remedy to kill your boredom.

Though, snow seems attractive for people living in warm climatic regions but it’s really difficult for people who deal with snow on daily basis. To live in a cold climatic area is sometimes quite problematic. The mobility patterns change, and the kids and elders get confined to their houses as it snow heavily.

Besides this people living in cold regions have to cope with power outages, fires, business closures, building collapses and shutdowns of public transportation and sometimes people die of Carbon monoxide accumulation in their houses due to excessive use of gas appliances.

Considering all these problems, snow no more looks attractive but still fun loving social media users have started a new challenge that makes snowy weather full of fun. Today in this article we will discuss how you can have fun with your friends and family to kill boredom during long and dark snowy days. Keep Scrolling!

What Is Snowface Challenge

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With every passing day, creative social media users come up with some fun challenges for the rest of users. This is what currently happening on social media. Some fun loving, Twitter and Facebook users are enjoying the newly fallen snow with the viral Snowface Challenge.

The challenge is quite simple, so millions of people from every snowy area have tried this. Some have shared the perfect results of viral Snowface Challenge while others have shared their bloopers and it is really fun to watch. Want to know how to participate in this viral trend? If yes, then read the proceeding paragraphs.

How To Do Snowface Challenge

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To complete the challenge it is necessary for you to have heaps of freshly fallen snow in your lawn or in your backyard. Without snow you might not able to complete the challenge. You should also note that trying the challenge on old snow might give you injuries, so don’t go for it. Just look for some fresh snow and ask your family to join you, as it might not be fun to play this winter game alone.

Once you have found the right snow, ask anyone to make a video clip of you doing this crazy challenge. All set? Well here you go! Place your face down on the snow and wait for a while so that you get perfect traces on the snow.

Now, get up carefully so that you don’t erase the traces. That’s it, you will be able to witness your face on the powdery snow and the face expressions will surely make you laugh. While putting your face inside the cold pile of snow might not fascinate you but the results will surely do.

This crazy challenge has taken internet with storm and people are participating in the challenge with their loved ones. Some parents have even tried the challenge with their kids and they have got some adorable videos.

The trace when seen initially will just look like a dent in snow but when witnessed closely you will be able to spot some funny expressions. This challenge was initially started in 2017, but it is still as popular as it was 4 years back.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the famous Snowface challenge that is the best fun game to play in your long and boring snowy days. Share your experience in the below comment box if you have already attempted this famous challenge.

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