Catfish Challenge — Here’s How To Get It Done

TikTok with its various viral challenges and filters is entertaining its users since its launch. This time it is live with Catfish Challenge and users are going crazy about it.

Users on TikTok add millions of innovative videos from their TikTok accounts every day and earn millions of likes, shares and views. This video sharing Chinese App never lets its audience get bored as it is ahead of every social media platform when it comes to introducing new features, lenses and trends.

In this technological reign users should not forget that, deception online is a big deal. Because this modern world is comprised of filters only. You never know what actually a person looks like if you have never seen him/her in real.

So, do not believe the virtual images and lifestyles because you might not be able to figure it out if its real or just a magic filter. We are discussing all this because, TikTok has shocked its users with a new trend “Catfish Challenge” that lets you know how the filters and Make-up can totally transform ones personality and looks.

Most of the live TikTok users have found this challenge funny and entertaining. Are you wondering to know how to get this challenge done? Well, the only thing you need to do is scroll down! And you will get to know all the information related to this challenge.

What Is Catfish Challenge

Image Of What Is Catfish Challenge.

The Catfish challenge is all about revealing true faces behind picture-perfect selfies. The challenge has proved the potential of social media to transform people’s personality. This trend was initiated by a 22-year-old Australian girl.

She added a Snapchat picture using following words ‘Just took this photo on Snapchat… I do NOT look like that! Catfish – MEOW! Since then the trend Catfish has gone viral and it has already earned 409.3 million views and counting.

Women have shared their unrecognizable selfies showing fake glamour along with their real faces and it’s quite entertaining. We all have idea about how make-up has potential to transform ones face features but this challenge has taken the word transformation to a whole new level.

You can participate in this challenge only if you have guts to reveal your real face to your social media fans. Most of the women who have participated in this challenge are having fun and you can see them burst out laughing after revealing their make-up-free faces.

TikTok Catfish Challenge

Image Of TikTok Catfish Challenge

Many TikTok celebrities have already participated in this challenge and shocked their fans by revealing their true self. Whitney Kait has also shown some guts by posting a video while addressing her 1.7m followers using the proceeding words “”Can someone give me the title of Catfish Queen of 2020 already?”

She then got some hilarious comments from her fans saying “How do you do it? It’s black magic.” Another fan commented “I’m scared now.” While many others kept praising her beauty saying “You look beautiful either way!”

Many other influencers have also joined the trend and shared their opinions saying, they would remind everyone to love themselves for who they are. Even in the moments when you don’t look your best. Be comfortable and confident in your skin,” well that’s true! At the end of the day everyone prefers to remove all the glam wrapped over their faces and to relax with their ugly self.

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TikTok has played a vital role in spreading joy during this crucial time. With its amazing trends, it has attracted the users to come up with innovative ideas that have inspired millions of people all around the world.

Catfish Challenge is just another trend that has created an atmosphere full of giggles with the beautiful message that “Don’t be ashamed of how you look, it’s the self-love that will make you stronger and confident from inside. So, be comfortable and confident in your skin”.

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