CNC Meaning On TikTok — Explained

CNC is the new acronym appearing on TikTok, especially in the caption and comment section, users are looking for its meaning now. If you are among the users encountering this term over and over again, here we have provided its meaning and all essential details. Keep reading and stay informed!

Being widely spread across the world, the Chinese video-sharing app has become a multi-lingual hub. The application is also available in several languages.

 People use different slang terminologies to make their conversations easier and the acronyms become signature lingo for the users later on. Adding a new acronym each day to the video-sharing platform, users have created a separate vocabulary of their own.

However, it is quite a hectic task for the newbies to cope with all these trending terminologies. If you are among the newbies of TikTok, you might have encountered plenty of acronyms that make no sense to you but for the old users, they mean something.

 To be an active user and to amass a considerable number of followers, you must be aware of all these short words. Having the knowledge of these acronyms can make it easier for you to participate on TikTok.

The latest slang that is making rounds on TikTok is ‘CNC’ and here we have provided its meaning. Have a look!

What Is The Meaning Of CNC On TikTok?

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Note: The meaning of this acronym is sexually explicit and you find it awkward.

Over time TikTok users have come up with several sexual positions and ways of foreplay. The term ‘CNC’ is just another addition.

On TikTok users refer to CNC as Consensual Non-Consent. It has quite a clear meaning. This term can be used instead of rape play which is an extreme power exchange where the victim overcomes a predator by force.

We have gathered all its possible meanings from our very own Urban Dictionary. Here is what the dictionary says about the meaning of TikTok acronym CNC:

According to one definition provided on Urban Dictionary, CNC is:

“In the BDSM community, CNC stands for consensual non-consent, also known as rape play. Although it varies from scene to scene, it’s usually an extreme power exchange where, according to the previous negotiation, there is a victim overcome by a predator by force. People who enjoy this play often enjoy either the extreme lack of control or extreme control on either side of the exchange.
**this type of scene does not encourage ACTUAL rape. All proper scenes are done after much negotiation between of-age, consenting adults.
Me and Billy did a CNC scene last night, I was so scared I came 4 times.”

Meaning Of CNC On TikTok

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Here are some other meanings:

“Consensual -NON Consent, any of many fantasy roleplay around being taken against their will. Usually female with a rape-type fantasy. Always arranged in advance, may or may not know the exact time or duration of the roleplay. Intended to show an element of danger/ unknown between partners.
Mary was taken blindfolded to the old boathouse for a weekend of CNC by her boyfriend.”

Another possible meaning of CNC is as below:

Computer Numeical Control: An automated method of controlling motion that is commonly applied to machines that perform industrial operations such as milling, turning, cutting, etc. These machines can typically be programmed using G-Code which is either hand-written or created by a software package like MasterCAM or EdgeCAM from a CAD file.
Hey baby, let’s go CNC some parts on the HAAS.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning of CNC on TikTok. Hopefully, we are able to provide all the essential meanings you needed to know.

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