Couple Challenge Facebook: What is its Origin and How to Participate?

When it comes to find entertainment social media applications are the best platforms. You will find every type of entertaining content there. Every day something new circulates over social media platforms. Likewise, these days a new challenge is trending which is called Couple Challenge Facebook.

On social media platforms especially on Facebook, you can become part of different fun activities, like checking which celebrity you look alike, what will be soulmate look-alike, first impression challenge, what your friends think about you, and many more.

When we talk about fun related challenges on social media, anyone can participate in them. As there is no age limit to have fun in life. Now we will discuss what is Couple Challenge Facebook, its origin, and how to participate in it.

Couple Challenge Facebook

According to a source, there are more than 2.5 billion active users of Facebook all over the world. This is the most used social media application in the world. So, being the most used social media app, how it can stay behind in providing entertainment to its users.

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Considering the course of trends, Facebook users have come up with a new challenge for couples. It is something amazing and entertaining for the people in a relationship.

To let others, know about exciting information regarding your relationship this is a must-try challenge. More details of this exciting challenge are as under.

What is Couple Challenge Facebook?

If you have come across a video over Facebook, in which a couple is pointing the figure at each other to answer the questions. And still, you don’t know what it is all about, here we will remove your confusion forever.

In the Facebook couple challenge, you are supposed to answer some relationship-related questions with your life partner. The best part of this challenge is you both have to shut your eyes and in answer to the questions, you have to point a finger towards yourself or your partner.

The questions are mainly funny and interesting to know about your relationship. The questions are, who initiated the first kiss? Who is more romantic? Spends lots of money in a relationship? Who said I Love You first? Apologizes first after a fight? Who is the funny one? And many more.

This is the best challenge to find who knows the other better. After recording the video, you can check out who got the maximum points and who lied the most.

You can also share this video with your loved ones to find out what they think about this and to get loves and views over social media.

Origin of the Couple Challenge

Like many other challenges, the couple challenge also started on TikTok, from there it got moved to other social media platforms including Instagram, and Facebook.


She definitely wears the pants in the relationship ❤️😬 w/@lynneth_johnson #comedy #coupleschallenge

♬ original sound – Lynneth Johnson

Many of the couples on Facebook tried this challenge and found out it very funny and entertaining. Even a famous singer Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod did it. Well, we can say the credit goes to this couple to make this challenge more famous over social media.

If you are in a relationship, then you must give it a try and find out what you and your partner do know about each other and have fun.

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Social media platforms are a source of entertainment for everyone out there. The different challenges on different platforms give much more fun and amazement to the people. Facebook couples challenge is one of the best and fun challenge to try for the people in a relationship. As it is quite simple and now you know how to do it in your version.

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