Deadly Sea Aliens Washing Up In Uk — But Where Exactly?

Following stormy weather, the Portuguese Man O War’s aka ‘deadly sea aliens’ are washing up in the Uk. They have bulked on the beaches of North-West, UK. And people are now looking to know where exactly they are washing it up so they could avoid these dangerous creatures.

The Deadly Sea Aliens that are washing up in Uk, resemble jellyfishes. But, they have deadly tentacles which can reach a staggering 100ft. This characteristic of the Deadly Sea Aliens makes them unworldly creatures.

People are not sure about how and why these intergalactic invaders are washing up the shores. However, people are discussing these alien creatures on several social media platforms.

Where Are The Deadly Sea Aliens Washing Up?

Image Of Where Are The Deadly Sea Aliens Washing Up

Talking about the Deadly Sea Aliens that are washing up numerous shores in the UK, The Fylde Sand Dunes Project wrote. “Look at what’s washed up on the shore at St Anne’s? It’s not a jellyfish… it’s a Portuguese Man O War!

This isn’t one animal, but a mass of smaller animals called zooids, which live together as a single floating colony.”

This sea creature is also known as Portuguese Man O’Wars. These creatures have recently invaded the British coastlines. These creatures are spotted on a beach close to Merseyside, more specifically, Ainsdale beach. Earlier, they were spotted washing up the beaches in Cornwall and Cumbria.

Seems like they have also inhabited the Irish sea as St Anne’s have been warned of this alien creature. They are also being reported in Lytham and the beach at St Anne’s on Sea, Fylde, Lancashire. They are also being spotted on Cefn Sidan Beach, Pembrey, Caldy beach, and in Preesall, Lancashire.

Talking about this alien creature Karl Lee reported it to his local newspaper. He said, “It was very strange at first I thought it was a balloon until I had a closer look and identified it using an app and realized what it was and how dangerous they are and looked up that they have been washing up along the coast from Cornwall to Cumbria.”

Are Deadly Sea Aliens Jelly Fishes?

Image Of Are Deadly Sea Aliens Jelly Fishes

As the Deadly Sea Aliens resemble the Jelly Fishes a lot, people are curious to know if these other any species of jellyfish. Well, No! The Man O’Wars are not jellyfish instead they are carnivorous hunters who use their long tentacles to capture fishes.

This rare sea creature has also killed numerous humans in the past. So, it is better not to visit the beaches that are being washed up with the Man O’Wars.

If you are planning to visit the beaches stated above, you are advised not to do so. But if it is urgent to visit any of the above-stated beaches, it is recommended, don’t get too close. The tentacles of The Man O’Wars can even sting you after they are dead, and their sting is so deadly.

As a result of climate change, these aliens are expected to wash up more beaches following the climate change. O’Wars can’t swim and they are most likely to wash up the shores when there are strong winds.

However, this deadly sea creature looks amazing. Photographers have rushed to the beaches to capture these rare animals and many of them have even posted them on several social media platforms.

 Nonetheless, it is essential to avoid these sea creatures. Maintain considerable distance as their tentacles can sting you even from a distance of 100ft.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about what the deadly sea aliens are, that are washing up the beaches in North-West Uk. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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