Did Elon Musk Fire Twitter Board? Debunked

Amidst the deal between Twitter and Elon Musk, users are making several speculations online. Twitter users claim that Elon Musk has fired the Twitter board, did he really fire them? You will get to know your answers in this article.

Following the deal between Elon Musk and Twitter, social media users have started speculating several things. Some people think that Elon Musk might delete Twitter after buying it, while others have an opinion that he would buy and delete Facebook also.

Some users are busy creating memes about the deal, while others have started quitting the bird app, perceiving it to spread hate speech in the name of free speech in the near future.

News that is currently flaunting across the internet reveals that Elon Musk has fired the board members of Twitter. Whether Elon Musk really did fire the Twitter board members or not, we have gathered all the details here in this blog.

Elon Musk Fired The Twitter Board of Directors

Image Of Elon Musk Fired The Twitter Board of Directors

The sudden deal between Twitter and Elon Musk has paved the path for several rumors. Although Elon Musk has not revealed his aim behind acquiring the bird app, some people think he must have an ulterior motto behind it.

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation about Elon’s removing the Twitter board members. It’s just a rumor that is currently going viral on the bluebird app.

Elon Musk is quite active on Twitter these days and he has discussed a few changes he intends to make on Twitter. However, he hasn’t discussed anything about removing the Twitter board members.

In one of his replies to a Twitter user, Elon Musk revealed on 18th April that, “Board salary will be $0 if my bid succeeds, so that’s $3 million/year saved right there.”

Elon has also addressed how he would deal with the employees and board members once his deal gets accepted. In his Tweets from April 14th, The 50-year-old business magnate wrote, “Will endeavor to keep as many shareholders in privatized Twitter as allowed by law”.

Did Elon Musk Fire The Board Members?

Image Of Did Elon Musk Fire The Board Members

Although millions of internet users are not happy with this deal, some senior board members of Twitter seem in favor of Elon. Some of the senior board members like Jack Dorsey, (co-founder of twitter) have extended their support to the new Twitter owner.

In one of his Tweets, Jack Dorsey, wrote: Elon is the singular solution I trust. I trust his mission to extend the light of consciousness.”

However, there also are some senior employees who are not happy with Elon’s decisions. Bruce Daisley, who was Twitter’s most senior employee outside the US, and the vice-president across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa has questioned Elon’s focus on free speech.

The Twitter employees are also not sure about whether they are going to get fired or the new owner will retain them. Discussing this case, one Twitter employee wrote a hilarious post saying, “Can someone just tell me if I’m rich or fired please”.

Users have also started sharing memes about this new rumor. One user wrote,” Reality is often disappointing, that is it was. Now ( YouTube as reality stone) reality can be whatever I want. Elon Musk”.

Another wrote, “The Twitter logo is now a mix of Twitter’s existing logo and doge coin’s logo”. This user has also shared an image showing his opinion and it looks so hilarious.

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The Last Words

So, Elon Musk did not fire any of the Twitter board members so far. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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