How To Get Tropicana Crunch? New Orange Juice Cereal

The popular juice brand Tropicana has launched a new breakfast cereal that they have titled, ‘Tropicana Crunch’, and users are searching how to get it. If you are among the users looking to get more details about this new Tropicana Crunch, here is everything you need to know about.

Tropicana, the juice brand has launched a new breakfast product and Twitter users are not impressed with it. As new products get rolled, people often discuss them over social media before trying them out in real life.

The latest product ‘Tropicana Crunch’, is a breakfast cereal that you can enjoy with orange juice instead of milk. So, what’s your opinion about this alien Tropicana product? Would you dare to try it out or are you out of this league already?

Whether you want to try the Tropicana Crunch or not, here we have gathered all the information about how to get it and its release date. Stay tuned!

What Is The New Tropicana Crunch?

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The approaching Tropicana product ‘Tropicana Crunch’ has got the Twitter users divided already. Some users believe it would be a great breakfast food idea while others do not even want to try it out.

Tropicana announced the arrival of this product on Monday, April 25th. The company claims that the product will freshen the breakfast table of their consumers.

This product is a honey almond cereal added with orange juice as a replacement for milk. People who are fond of traditional milk cereal are not really happy about this product.

According to the information provided by Tropicana, the new Tropicana Crunch is all set to be rolled at 9 am ET on Wednesday, May 4th. However, it would not be made available for all the users. The company is giving away some boxes of Tropicana Crunch to selected customers after the product’s launch. Keep checking the official website of Tropicana to be among these few customers.

Talking about the giveaway, the company said: “We’re giving it away! Check back on 5/4 for the chance to get a box of your own while supplies last.”

The company also has shared an image of the upcoming product on Instagram with a caption:

“Prepare your mind and cereal bowl for an unforgettable breakfast experience”.

Does Tropicana Crunch Taste Good?

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Although the product has gone viral on Twitter, the majority of users are not seem happy about the combination of orange juice and cereal.

People are already discussing the possible taste of this breakfast product. Most of them have an opinion that the taste might not be liked by most of the consumers as the combination of orange and cereal is quite weird.

While talking about the upcoming product one person wrote on Twitter:

“Ewww they came out with Tropicana cereal that you pour orange juice over it”.

Another said, “Hey, #Tropicana. I once poured orange juice in my cereal, and trust me, it was NOT good”.

While quoting an article, one user wrote, “According to research commissioned by @Tropicana, 15 million Americans have tried their breakfast bowl with orange juice. For increased efficiency in one’s morning routine, the brand has created the first cereal specifically made to soak in orange juice.”

Some users were also spotted supporting the breakfast idea;

One user wrote, “I would commit unspeakable acts for a box of this cereal. Kidding. But I do really want it quite badly”.

Another said, “Can’t wait to try this!”

“Tropicana unveiled a cereal that’s designed to be eaten with orange juice instead of milk. “It’s perfect for people who love cereal but are sick and tired of milk’s smug, entitled attitude,” a Twitter user wrote.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the latest Tropicana crunch is, how to get it, and its release date. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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