BMF Meaning On TikTok — Explained

TikTok users have tumbled across another acronym ‘BMF” and they are looking to know its possible meaning. If you are among the users getting trouble finding the meaning of ‘BMF’ we have got you covered.  You will find all possible meanings of this acronym here in this article.

Every now and then, TikTok users come up with new acronyms to trouble the newbies on the ByteDance-owned video-sharing app.

Following this constant influx of acronyms, TikTok has gathered a vast collection of catchphrases, slang terms, and acronyms. In a nutshell, the users on TikTok have come up with their own dictionary that contains thousands of slang words and shorthands. Although these slang terms are easy to understand for the natives of TikTok, they are a curse for the occasional visitors of the video-sharing app.

As they are encountering slang terms with each passing day, Millennials are struggling to understand the meaning of words being exchanged around them. As of now, people are looking to find the meaning of BMF, as the acronym is flooding the Foryou page.

To help users who are unable to spot the meaning of BMF so far, we have provided all the possible meanings of BMF here in this article. Let’s dig in!

What Is The Meaning Of BMF On TikTok?

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BMF is used in different contexts on different social media platforms. Some of its full forms are commonly used while several others are not really known to internet users.

So, based on the context, platform, and the person who is using this acronym, you will have to decide what it means. Most commonly, this acronym is used to say ‘Be My Friend’.

Here are all the meanings of BMF provided by Urban Dictionary:

Number One: It can be used to text talk for ‘be my friend’ because you’re lonely af.

Example: Person A: “Hi!! Can you bmf?”
Person B: “What, are we in kindergarten? Why are you asking?”

Number Two: This slang can also be used in online texting, for “Be my friend”

Example: Boy: You making me giggle bro
Boy #2: Omggsyy stop. Wanna bmf
Boy: Sure

Number Three: BMF can also be used to say, ‘Blowing Money Fast’.

Further explanation: Its a song by Rick Ross that people use in their everyday vernacular/
damn, I had $50 yesterday & I don’t know where the hell it went im bmf.

Number Four:  It can also be used instead of “motherfucker”.

Further explanation: This slang term was popularized by Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Pulp Fiction. I also heard you can see it on Mace Windu’s (also played by Samuel L. Jackson) lightsaber in the star wars movies.
Give me my wallet back. It is the one that says bad motherfucker on it.”

BMF Meaning TikTok

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Some other usages of this viral acronym are as follows:

BMF can also be used in homosexual references. It may be used instead of saying, “bend me forward.” Example: “oh big boy why don’t you bmf right here”

The last possible meaning of this word is ‘Black Mafia Family’. Example: Young Jeezy the rapper is believed to be a member of BMF.

Some users also have used the slang term to refer to the ‘Braxton Miller Foundation”. It can also mean ‘Big Man Foundation’. You may also find several other meanings of this viral acronym so, make sure you are deciding on its meaning based on the context it is used in.

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Final Words

This was all about the meaning of BMF on TikTok and several other social media platforms. Do you know any other full form of this term? Let us know in the comment box below.

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