Eliza From TikTok — The Little Angel’s Battle Against Cancer

TikTok fans are left devastated as parents have revealed a heart wrenching news about their daughter Eliza From TikTok.

If you are live on TikTok, then you might have come across Eliza Moore’s videos. Eliza is a famous TikTok star who was born on 10th August 2018 in United States. She was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 10 months old.

At a very young age, this little angel has been through countless painful surgeries, Chemotherapy, radiation and study drugs to help her in her fight. Hey Eliza was diagnosed with AT/RT that is located in her left kidney and brain. At an age of playing with toys, Eliza’s left kidney was being removed and the tumor in her brain was also resected.

Though she is so little to bear all this pain, she never forgets to smile. Eliza’s story has inspired millions of people on the internet but the saddening news is that this angle’s smile is not going to last longer.

Who Is Eliza From TikTok

Image Of Who Is Eliza From TikTok

Eliza aka Hey Eliza is a TikTok kid star who is battling a deadly disease. Currently, she is just 2 Years, 8 Months old and doctors have revealed some heartbreaking news about her life. Her fans are in bits as they won’t see Eliza’s happy smile any longer.

Eliza’s real name is Eliza Adalyn Moore. Her parents have been documenting her fight against cancer on TikTok. So far Eliza has a followers count of 4.4 million.

Eliza’s father Chance Moore started documenting Eliza’s life right after her birth. Since then Eliza has been spreading smiles all around the globe. Her resilience and strength have amazed millions of people on the internet.

Did Eliza From TikTok Die

In one of a recent TikTok videos Eliza’s father has revealed some heart-wrenching news. In the video uploaded on Thursday April 22nd, he informed her fans that Eliza’s journey is nearing to end. Before revealing the news he said, “We’ve been dreading this post for a long time. Eliza has gone through more than most people go through in a lifetime, including myself.”

Then he continued with the following words, “She has been fighting cancer for more than 70% of her life. And after her most recent battle against this awful disease, we were told that we do not have much time left with our princess.”

“We decided it was best for Eliza to end her heroic battle with Cancer and let her be a kid again. Life is so precious and so is the time we get to spend together.”

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Eliza TikTok Cancer

Image Of Eliza TikTok Cancer

Shortly after the video was uploaded, it went viral and millions of fans reached to the comment section to share their sorrow. Fans have taken it to Twitter to share how devastated they feel when they got to see Eliza’s parents helplessness.

One person Tweeted, “I just saw this tiktok and realised Eliza doesn’t have much time left. She’s been fighting cancer for 70% of her life and seeing her TikTok’s about how she’s enjoying life makes me so sad…. it’s so weird that she’ll be gone soon.”

Second fan tweeted, “Just found out the beautiful little girl Eliza from TikTok only has a couple weeks left and my heart hurts so much she is the most precious thing in the world,”

Another fan talked about Eliza’s journey in the following words “I’ve been watching Kate, Eliza, and Chance since I joined TikTok and I am so heartbroken. No parent should ever be told that the only thing they can do is let their child die and no child deserves to die at 2 years old.”

Bottom Line

Though Eliza will leave this world shortly but her strength and resilience will always be remembered. I request you all to keep Eliza in your thoughts and prayers as she is still fighting this deadly disease.

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