Dazhariaa Death — Did She Really Pass Away?

TikTok community is in grief as they have heard about sudden demise of a young star. The news of Dazhariaa Death has spread like fire on the video sharing application. Some TikTok users aren’t able to believe that the beautiful angel is no more with them. The entire community is in shock but is it really true? If yes then what was the cause of death? Here is the detail.

After joining TikTok people become part of a single community. Seeing one another on daily basis make them feel as if they are part of their families. Especially the star TikTokers are being loved unconditionally.

In this scenario, it becomes really hard for the fans to accept that they won’t be able to see more videos from their favorite stars. That, they no longer will be able to see them smile and make the whole community laugh with their videos. But the sad reality of life is that every soul has to taste death.

Another shining star of TikTok has left us all and she has travelled towards the heavens. Here is how Dazhariaa Death occurred.

Who Was Dazhariaa

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To all of those readers who don’t know much about Dazhariaa, here is the detail. Dazhariaa also known as bxbygirlldee was a social media influencer and a TikTok star.

Joined in 2019, she has a followers count of more than 1.4 million followers on her TikTok account. She was known for her short Vlogs, relatable videos, lip-syncs videos and funny skits. Dazhariaa was a lively young girl born and raised in US.

She is quite popular on Instagram as well. As of today she has 86.5K followers on her Instagram account. She posted her first photo on Insta on 30th of May 2020. Born on 5th June 2002, she was 18 years old.

Recently she launched a company of her own called Dee beauty. She has shared about her initial orders in one of her Instagram posts saying “Just opened yesterday I was surprised of how many orders I’ve gotten…. these are all of what I packaged today.

I’ve beeeen up since 11:30am and Right now I’m calling it quits. I still have more orders to fulfill …. thank y’all sooo much for supporting me and my business,” she shared on her Instagram. She concluded the post saying “This might look very easy but trust me it’s not especially since I’m the only worker lol … I have to do sooo many things but I’m grateful for this !!”

Did Dazhariaa Really Die

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The Dazhariaa Death news was confirmed by her father Joseph Santiago. He shared the saddening news on TikTok with a video saying “I just want to thank everyone for their love and support of my daughter. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us and has gone to a better place.” The cause of death is identified as suicide.

Which TikTok Star Died Recently

The famous TikTok star Dazhariaa is no more with us. Her death news is confirmed by her father in a TikTok video. Though we always saw her smiling and making others smile, but it was only Dazhariaa who knows what she was going through.

It is important to keep check on the mental health of our friends and family. Because there is much more behind these smiling faces. People should also normalize talking about their mental health because it might help us to save many shining stars.

How Did Dazhariaa Die

After hearing about Dazhariaa’s death Instagram and TikTok community is in sorrow. They aren’t able to believe that a shining star has left them all forever. Users are pouring millions of comments on her TikTok and Instagram posts. One user said “never thought this day would come but rip beautiful angel,”. Another added, “I miss you already. You are a beautiful young lady and fly high.”

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Concluding words

This was all about the heartbreaking Dazhariaa Death news from TikTok. The TikTok community will surely miss her presence. One thing we all should consider is that “Mental health is a real thing” so take care of your loved ones.

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