What is Facebook Valentines Day Challenge 2021 — Explained

As the Valentines day is approaching so fast, Facebook users are throwing some amazing posts to be part of Facebook Valentines Day Challenge. Want to know what it is all about and how to participate in it? Well, you are on the right post. Keep reading and be part of the love filled challenge.

When it comes to internet challenges, Facebook users are no way behind. This weekend people are celebrating love with their loved ones with the hash tag #Valentinesdaychallenge Facebook. The challenge is quite simple, all you have to do is upload some pictures with your partner and answer some questions associated with the challenge.

Besides the couples, some single Facebook users have also participated in the challenge and their amazing ideas are blowing our minds. Some posts are really funny and people on Facebook are throwing thousands of hearts towards their creativity. Let’s dive into detail, to learn more about the challenge. Keep scrolling!

What Is Facebook Valentines Day Challenge

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Facebook Valentines Day Challenge is just another addition to the list of challenges that celebrate love. With more advanced social media platforms, people have shifted towards the digital means to celebrate their love life.

In past, people used to share Valnetines Day cards, exchange chocolates and do other fun activities. But this year as we are still fighting against the Corona Pandemic, people have introduced other means to celebrate their love.

Currently, Facebook users are obsessed with the Facebook Valentines Day Challenge and we are enjoying reading the love chemistries. As Valentines Day is all about celebrating love, people are pouring thousands of love stories that only define love without considering the boundaries of gender, race or ethnicity.

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How To Do Facebook Valentines Day Challenge On Facebook

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To be part of this trending challenge is quite simple. You have to answer some questions that ask about your love life, first encounter and some more questions about how you both follow your daily life routines.

Thousands of people have already shared some eye catchy pictures defining their love life. In this all scenario, Meme community is no way behind. They also are participating in the challenge to its fullest. Meme creators are coming up with some hilarious content that mainly focuses the singles out there. If you are live on Facebook then you might have seen plenty of memes with the hashtag #Valentinesdaychallenge

Valentines Day Challenge Questions

The Valentines Day challenge asks the users to answer some questions. Here is the list of questions that you have to answer. But remember that, you have to be honest while replying to these certain set of questions,

  • How’d you meet:
  • First Date:
  • How long have you been together:
  • Married or not:
  • Age difference:
  • Who is older:
  • Who was interested first:
  • Taller?
  • Who said I love you first:
  • Most impatient:
  • Most sensitive:
  • Loudest:
  • Most stubborn:
  • Falls asleep first:
  • Cooks better:
  • Better morning person:
  • Better driver:
  • Most Competitive:
  • Funniest:
  • Where do you eat out most as a couple?
  • Who is more social?
  • Who is the neat freak?
  • Where was your first kiss?
  • How long did it take to get serious?
  • Who’s indecisive?
  • Who spends more?
  • Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?
  • Has more tattoos?
  • Who sings better?
  • Who hogs the remote?
  • Did you go to the same high school?
  • Where is the furthest you two have traveled together?
  • Who drives when you’re going somewhere together?

Final Words

This was all about the love filled Facebook Valentines Day Challenge. You have to be honest with your answers and don’t forget to add the hash tag #Valentinesdaychallenge so that you can engage more people.

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