What does Fruity mean on Tiktok? ‘Fruity’ Hashtag and Dictionary

The trend of using slang language is becoming very common on social media. Some words which have very different literal meaning can be used in very different contexts.

The popular video-sharing app is at front in this trend. Though, it is facing a lot of threats for its ban from different administrations of the country, but it has maintained its user base. It is also home to some of the very unique content over internet.

As the word fruity suggests that it is something related to food, but in an urban and casual sense, this word has a very different meaning.  This particular term on social Tiktok and other social media can leave many scratching their heads. So what does fruity mean on Tiktok?

The term fruity has been used on Tiktok, Snapchat and other social media sites. Like other slangs, it is commonly used by the youngsters. Some people are unaware of its meaning and context but still using it. This makes the situation interesting.   

Fruity means on Tiktok

It is already stated, fruity means different in slang term than its literal meaning. Normally, it means something or a diet full of fruits or something which is juicy. It also means something which tastes like fruit.

Fruity used to refer to the cheerfulness and flamboyant nature of the people.  If someone says you’re fruity, then they mean to say that you have a feministic way of expressing yourself or you have a colorful sense about you.

Thus truly depicts the positive connotations associated with the word but some people immediately assume that you are gay if you are flamboyant. There still isn’t anything wrong with being gay.

“Fruity” is often a term used on gay TikTok, and is used as slang for identifying as LGBTQ.

There are other LGBTQ creators who have also used to the term “fruity” as a euphemism for their sexual orientation, especially with many of the male-identifying LGTBQ creators.

I’m Fruity Meaning

There is a viral video by Mattie aka @westbrouck on Tiktok who has put ‘fruity’ into context. So he explains and tell us about the story of one particular masculine (describes him as truck version of Hulk) costumer who asks which drink should he order.

Mattie suggests him to order the pink lemonade tea to which the costumer comments that ‘that sound kind of fruity’. To this Mattie replies that ‘Oh, well sir, I’m fruity’.

Thus, shortly Mattie referred himself as LGBT but the customer didn’t understand this.

Mattie’s hilarious reenactment of this encounter brought in more than 11 million views and 3.8 million likes, as many of their followers though the interaction was hilarious and wholesome.

Image of Fruity meaning on Tiktok

Mattie’s explanation, though, is arguably the most wholesome on the app – especially because their customer leaves the store satisfied, telling them, “Y’know kid, I think I might be fruity too,” – of course, referring to their drink of choice in this instance.

Fruity explanation on Urban Dictionary

The definition of the term other than its literal meaning has been listed in the Urban Dictionary. It explains, the state of being little gay but not enough to be GAY.

Confused right? What could being a little gay mean?  Some guys may not be actual gays but there is something about them which is feminine, for example, their voice or any other characteristics.

Thus, it is a general term for both male and female who are flamboyant and cheerful

Read about Hoe Meaning on Tiktok.

Image of Fruity Gay

“fruity” hashtag

There is a fruity hashtag solely dedicated to fruit. Some searches will also lead you to Tiktok’s LGBT.

Searching the hashtag “fruity” will give you many videos with fruit-based dishes, smoothies, or smoothie bowls, so if you’re looking for an easy way to find yourself on the food side of the app, this is also a place to start.

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