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You may be already aware about the NoFap challenge. The buzz over it all over the internet is because of its effects on the health and overall habits.

How was it initiated?

The discussion forum on Reddit about quitting masturbation led to the origination of NoFap.

It all started with a study that showed a 145.7% increase in testosterone levels in men. This was when compared to the previous baseline amount after seven days of not masturbating.

The Reddit world went nuts over this claim (really, no pun intended).

Eventually, NoFap became a trademarked name. NoFap continues to gain increased attention from individuals who want to stop watching porn or masturbating (Over 400,000 strong now). It has its share of skeptics too.

There has then started a new website to connect the people intended to quit pornography and masturbation and thus provide them a support community.

NoFappers, fapstinent or fapstronauts are commonly referred terms fot those practicing NoFap.

But from where this fap term came into being? Wikipedia describes it pretty well.

The expression “fap” is an onomatopoeic Internet slang term for male masturbation that first appeared in the 1999 webcomic Sexy Losers to indicate the sound of a male character masturbating.”

NoFap Rules

There are no hard and fast rules of NoFap Challenge. You just need to refrain porn use, masturbation and possibly partner sex for a set amount of time (porn/masturbation/orgasm or PMO).

Another term ‘edging’ is defined as the practice of bringing yourself to the verge of orgasm and then stopping.

Pornography is usually considered as something which compels the participants to masturbate.

The rules are not that much rigid for NoFap, but, the primary goal is to reboot the brain. This will help reset the neural path so the sex compulsions don’t arouse that much frequently.

The recommended time span for this reboot is 90 days although, again, NoFap leaves this open to interpretation by participants.

Image of 90 Days NoFap

Benefits of NoFap

Still the scientific community has some doubts about its actual positive effects but on the other hand we have people with personal experiences and testimonials of its positive changes.

Some view most NoFap benefits as the placebo effect. In other words, their brain rewarded them for the expectations of reaping positive benefits or stating positive rather than the actual abtaining.

Still, it’s difficult to make the blanket statement that NoFap holds no value.

Image NoFap Challenge Life

 Improved Self-Control

Especially for most guys, NoFap offers a lofty challenge.

Some people are wired to be very sexual. Thus they have very strong urges to achieve sexual release.

Hence, it seems reasonable enough that learning self-discipline or self-control in one area of life could potentially carry over to another.

Self-Improvement: Smarter, Faster, Leaner

Many members who follow the NoFap agenda reported experiencing many mental and physical benefits over long periods of time without “fapping”. These include boost in morale energy and self-confidence.

 Other benefits included seeing natural muscle growth, better quality sleep, lowered stress and anxiety levels and even enlightened spirituality.

NoFap Provides A Community

Psychologically, it often comes down to our human need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We all need to feel part of a meaningful, larger group in some way.

For many, NoFap allows them to be part of a like-minded and safe community. And, since it’s dealing with secretive sexual practices, it also provides an unparalleled level of transparency.

Myths about NoFap

There are several myths about NoFap challenge. Some say it is primarily religious in nature and they have a stance that Masturbation and porn are morally wrong. While some other include that NoFap believes that NoFap means abstaining from Fap forever. People also believe that NoFap is only for heterosexual men.

Let’s read about another challenge.

Tips for Success in NoFap challenge

Although porn and masturbation is a personal activity but it is strongly advisable to take help from the NoFap community in your sexual abstinence journey.

There will be moments of relapse but keep trying and eventually you will be succeeded in your next attempt.

Try to turn your POM resistance into a competitive game. It will also make it fun. Also try to replace your POM time with some useful activity like exercise or another hobby.

The NoFap team has developed apps to give you regular encouragement. You can also get a little extra help during those moments when you really want to give in.

Although no scientific evidence is there, but, the Nofappers have always reported its of benefits.

Depending on your goal, you can also give a try to No Fap Challenge.

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