Google Street View Not Working – How To Fix?

Google Street View is among the most used features of Google Maps but users are upset lately as the feature is not working. Several users have taken to Twitter to report the issue and are requesting Google Maps to fix it at their earliest. Here is what’s happening with the Google Street View option and the reason why it is not working.

Google Street View is a virtual representation of our surroundings that uses millions of panoramic images to help us spot different locations. It was initially rolled in the year 2007 by Google Maps in the United States. It slowly expanded to all other countries and now it is available across the globe.

Using this feature you can easily see natural wonders, world landmarks, businesses, restaurants, and museums by simply using your smartphone connected to a good internet connection.

This feature has become widely popular among users as it enables them to locate different destinations very easily. Viewing different locations on Google Street view has even become a popular trend on Zoom. People check different locations on Google Street View and compare them with how they used to look in the past.

However, users are now complaining that this feature has stopped working. Here is why Google street view is not functioning well and if there is any potential fix for the issue. Stay tuned!

Why Is Google Street View Not Working?

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The issue revealing the Google Street View not working started swirling on social media on October 17th, 2022. Several users have reported that their Google Street View app is misbehaving.

This is very rare for the Google Street View app to incur such errors thus this is not settling well for the users. Users have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure over this prevailing error.

Here is how users have reported this issue on Twitter:

One user wrote, “Why is google street view not working on my computer?” With a third asking the same question by writing: “Google Street View not working for anyone else?”

Another said, “Google Street view is not working, that is my comfort pass time I’m gonna have a meltdown lmao.”

Despite several complaints from users, Google maps have not revealed the reason behind this issue. So, for now, it is unclear why the Google Street View app is creating trouble. However, we assume that it is a widespread glitch that has affected users from across the globe.

How To Fix Google Street View Not Working Issue?

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There is no official fix for the Google Street View Not Working Issue as the support team has not addressed the issue yet. Considering how the issue has affected thousands of users we can assume that this is a server glitch. We are expecting that the authorities will soon address the issue and fix it.

For now, the only fix that we can suggest for the issue is that, update the app to its latest version. Most often the applications face glitches if it is not updated to their latest version.

Besides that, you can also try to use the points of interest. These are the places that are frequently visited by users. Sometimes the map may not show you the exact location but you can check any nearby monument or important place.

For now, to fix this issue update your app by following the below steps:

  • If you are an Android user, open the Playstore, go to the app’s library and search for the “Google street view” app.
  • The app will appear at the top of the list. Tap on it and check if the app has any pending updates.
  • If it is showing any pending updates, simply tap on the update option.
  • The best way to keep the app up-to-date is to enable the auto-update option. So that, your app will get automatically updated whenever a new update arrives.
  • iPhone users can repeat the same steps by visiting the App Store.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Google Street View Not Working issue is all about and a possible fix to get rid of it. Do you know any other fix to this issue? Let us know in the comment box provided below.

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