Instagram Links In Bio Not Working – How To Fix?

Instagram users have taken to Twitter to report that links in bio are not working. This issue is not settling well for the content creators especially as this is among the most useful features for them. If you are among these Instagram users wondering to locate the Links in Bio feature, we have got your back. Below we have provided all the information related to this issue. Keep reading!

Instagram is among the most-used social media platforms. Ever since the app started working, it has kept rolling new features for its users. From being just a photo-sharing app to having all essential features now, the platform has amassed immense popularity among users.

Though it has a huge number of active monthly users, the app keeps annoying users following its glitches. In recent months, the count of glitches on Instagram has reached its maximum and the users are not really happy about it.

The latest issue that has troubled the users is ‘Links in Bio not working’. The reports about this issue started swirling on Twitter on 17th October and as of now, the former photo-sharing app has not come up with a conclusion.

Just a few days back the users were complaining about their Instagram accounts being suspended for no reason and now they are unable to share links in their Instagram bio. Here is what the ‘Instagram Links In Bio Not Working’ issue is all about and how to fix it.

Why Are Instagram Links In Bio Not Working?

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Adding links in the bio is among the most beneficial features for Instagram users as it allows professional creators to add their website links in the Instagram bio. This also helps businesses get more customers by simply putting their business website link in the Bio.

However, this useful Instagram feature has now stopped working and users are unable to post URLs in their bios. For some users, the already existing URLs have also disappeared.

Sometimes the platform denies the user’s request of adding a URL if the URL doesn’t meet the community guidelines of Instagram. However, this time the app is not allowing the users to add URLs altogether.

The annoyed users have taken to Twitter to report the issue. The majority of them have mentioned Instagram support in their Tweets but Instagram has not responded to any of the issues so far.

Here is what Instagram users have to say about this issue:

One user said, “I can’t add links in bio. I need some help asap @instagram”.

Another added, “It’s just a glitch across the entirety of Instagram today. It’s happening to a variety of links.”

“Instagram won’t let me add links to my account. Bro I am going to cry”, wrote one.

Another user Tweeted, “Instagram removed my link in bio and doesn’t let me add it back. It says “ We’re sorry but something went wrong” very frustrating.”

One user requested Instagram to fix the issue. He wrote, “@instagram links aren’t working in our bios – please fix??”

As of writing, Instagram has not addressed any of the complaints of the users.

Links In Bio Not Working Instagram

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If you have not added a link in your Instagram bio as of now, here is how to do it:

  • Go to your profile and tap on the edit profile option.
  • In the edit profile interface tap on the option ‘Bio’.
  • Add a few lines to your bio explaining the link you are going to add.
  • Now paste the URL.
  • Tap on done.
  • The URL will now appear in your Instagram bio.

Unfortunately, this feature is currently down and is not working for many Instagram users. Here are a few possible fixes to get rid of the Instagram Links in the bio not working issue.

  • Update your Instagram app to its latest version. Old versions often have glitches and issues.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection while you are trying to add the URL.
  • Clear all the redundant files stored on your app as they affect the app’s performance.
  • Log out and log in back into your Instagram handle and try to verify the URL you have added to the bio.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Instagram Links in the bio not working error is a few possible fixes to get rid of this issue. Do you know any other way to get rid of this issue? Let us know in the comment box below.

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