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Are you searching for the CEO Ugly Bride PDF? Do you want to read the full story? If yes then keep reading. You will get the direct link to read all your favorite novels. The story revolves around Summer and Leonardo. Summer lives with her biological mother at her late step father’s place.

She doesn’t get much attention from her mother as she is more attached to her half-siblings. Summer spends a boring life as she is not loved by anyone in her family or outside. She has a sister who is engaged to a rich guy.

When the wedding day came closer, Summer’s sister expressed her feelings to her mother that she doesn’t want to marry her fiancé. She is not interested in retaining this relation as she heard that the guy she is going to marry is the ugliest guy in town. She also knows that the guy is physically disabled.

CEO Ugly Bride Novel

After listening to her daughter’s desires, mother thinks of the consequences they are going to face. She was worried as if they reject the proposal they might get troubled because the guy was known for his power and wealth.

Now the whole family wants Summer to get married to this ugly guy. Summer was not ready for this marriage but she couldn’t refuse her mother’s request. Her mother was crying in front of her and she was asking for help. Without thinking twice, Summer accepts her mother’s request because her family’s safety was her foremost priority.

The CEO’s Ugly Bride

Image Of The CEO's Ugly Bride

The story of CEO Ugly Bride continues when Summer starts to get ready for her wedding with her half-sister’s fiancé. While she was getting ready her mother came into her room and asked her to get ready quickly. Summer was not sure if it was a right decision or not. She asked her mother one more time that is she really wants her to marry her sister’s fiancé?”

Summer’s mother knew it was not a righteous deed but she had no other option. To save her family from the guy’s anger, Summer has to take this step.

CEO Ugly Bride PDF

At the main door a group of strange bodyguards were standing who were sent to pick up the bride. Summer was sent to Leonardo’s villa along with them. Leonardo was the richest guy in town but he never made a public appearance after he was disfigured by the kidnappers.

Summer didn’t know the reality of her husband. It was strange for her to be received by bodyguards instead of her groom. Thinking about her helplessness soon she reached his huge mansion. As they reached the villa, bodyguards accompanied her to the bedroom and left.

Summer was frightened as she was all alone in a new place. She was thinking what is going to be next, how she is going to be treated, how frightening will her husband be. Absorbed in her thoughts she suddenly saw a young, tall and handsome guy entering the room.

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CEO Ugly Bride Read Online

The tale of CEO Ugly Bride continues as she turned her head to watch the handsome guy enter the room. She was confused if he was her husband or not because he was incredibly handsome and healthy unlike the one she imagined. The handsome guy turned to summer and twisted his eyebrows slightly. Then he said “Ugly”. 

She was not upset with the comment rather she was busy noticing his personality. Out of curiosity she asked “Who are you?” He replied with “You don’t know who you’ll marry?” Summer was terrified and confused.

Was this a dream or the biggest surprise she has received? Is he her husband or someone else? To know what happens next, we would suggest you to read the full novel online.

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