How Many Dots You See Puzzle Answer – Explained

Internet users are confused as they are unable to answer the viral puzzle, ‘How Many Dots You See Puzzle’. If you are among such users who are unable to solve the viral ‘How Many Dots You See Puzzle’ we got you covered. Below we have gathered all the details about the How Many Dots You See Puzzle including its answer and the reason why the majority of people are unable to answer.

It is quite usual for social media users to come across puzzles and riddles. Especially after the lockdowns of the Covid Pandemic, the trend of sharing puzzles and riddles online has become pretty common. Whenever these puzzles and riddles are shared on social sites, they create buzz as they spread rapidly. However, not everyone can solve these riddles as they require problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Internet users enjoy sharing these puzzles as they provide a mental challenge and a sense of achievement whenever they are able to solve them.

Content creators rely on these puzzles for getting post engagements and they actually engage users by resulting in interesting discussions.

The latest puzzle that is currently trending on the internet is, the ‘How Many Dots You See Puzzle’ and below we have provided the answer. Keep reading to get all the details.

What Is The Answer Of ‘How Many Dots You See Puzzle’?

Image Of What Is The Answer Of ‘How Many Dots You See Puzzle’

The How Many Dots You See Puzzle is all about finding answer from a picture. To solve the puzzle, the users are provided with a diagram of green dots in a pattern. Then, they are asked to provide the exact count of dots.

As users are using different pictures to confuse their fellow users, the answers may vary every time. So, we will be discussing the answer of the puzzle ‘How Many Dots You See Puzzle’ with reference to the picture shared above. However, the explanation will help you solve the puzzle anyway.

The best part to start the puzzle is counting the number of dots provided on the picture. This remains the same for all pictures referring to the puzzle.

Now that you have counted the dots available on the picture, look for dots in the question and titles, in the date and time as well as in the caption. Count the letter that features dots, such as ‘i’ or a question mark, and in some cases full stop also. By counting all the dots, you will be able to find the actual answer.

Puzzle How Many Dots You See Answer

Image Of Puzzle How Many Dots You See Answer

If you are asked to find the number of dots from the picture provided above, the answer would be 48. Below we have broken down this answer:

There are 16 green dots (16)
Then 17 dots in the letter ‘i’ seen in the title, question, caption, and suggested content (33)
Followed by three from punctuation (36)
Two from the time (38)
One from the comment count (39)
Three from the comment bubble (42)
Three next to the song (45)
Three next to ‘add comment’ (48)

In some cases, the users may even add two eyes on the emoji face, which would take the total up to 50.

However, the answer may vary from one situation to another. But, the idea remains the same. As the puzzle is getting more traction from the users, the like count may increase and so will the number of dots. You just need to consider the idea that, consider all the dots available in the post.

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The Bottom Line

This was the actual answer to ‘How Many Dots You See Puzzle’. We hope that you find the information useful. Follow us to know more about social media trends and challenges.

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