What Is SB 419 On TikTok? Legislation Bill Explained

After Montana passed the legislation SB 419, TikTok users are looking to know what this bill on TikTok is all about and how will it affect the users. If you are curious to know the details about the SB 419 bill, we have got you covered. Below we have gathered all the details about the bill that users are talking about.

TikTok users in the US are worried as the video-sharing app is expected to get banned in the country. According to government agencies, there are concerns about TikTok’s data privacy and security practices. For several years, the US government is monitoring the app’s activities.

Concerns regarding the app were raised in August 2020 when ex-President Donald Trump signed an executive order to ban the app’s operations in the United States. The order was later blocked by federal courts and thus it didn’t come into effect.

Later in the year 2021, when Joe Biden took the charge, they revoked the previous executive orders and replaced them with a new order. The new order directed the Department of Commerce to conduct a review of any apps that are posing a risk to national security.

Following this, the latest news about the SB 419 has gotten the attention of TikTok users. The bill is passed by Montana state and it has become the first state to pass legislation to ban TikTok on personal devices. Below we have broken down everything about how this bill would affect the users.

What Is SB 419 Bill All About?

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SB 419 or senator bill 419 is legislation passed recently by Montana State to ban TikTok in the state. The bill specifically targets TikTok as it is claimed that the app poses a great threat to users’ privacy. Though the bill will ban the app on all personal devices, the mobile app stores and the internet providers that give access to the app would be penalized.

As per the legislation, individuals and organizations will have to pay a penalty of $10,000 and an also additional $10,000 each day if they fail to cope with the laws.

Individual users getting access to the app will not be penalized. Just the mobile app stores that will give access to the app and the internet providers who allow the app’s access may get troubled.

How Would The Legislation SB 419 Affect TikTok?

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As of now, the TikTok app is not being banned on personal devices in Montana yet. After the lawmakers voted 54-43 on Friday, the bill is being approved.

The bill is then sent to Governor for approval. Once the Governor approves the bill, the app will get banned from January next year.

A spokesperson for Gre said, “The governor will carefully consider any bill the legislature sends to his desk.”

The bill is being opposed by civil society groups saying that the bill is violating Montanans’ First Amendment rights to free expression and access to information.

In a letter to the State lawmakers from American Civil Liberties read, “SB 419 is censorship — it would unjustly cut Montanans off from a platform where they speak out and exchange ideas every day, and it would set an alarming precedent for excessive government control over how Montanans use the internet.”

The news is not settling well with the users and they have taken to Twitter to report it. One user wrote, “Did Montana really ban TikTok? This can’t be the real world.”

Another user added, “See that Montana is trending. Because they’re banning TikTok. Which is sad.”

“Any creators in Montana? I heard they’ve officially banned TikTok. Time to move”, added another.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about what SB 419 is all about and how it is affecting the users. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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