How To Add Music To Instagram Post? New Feature Explained

The new Instagram feature allows you to add music to your Instagram post and here is a step-by-step explanation of how to add soundtracks to your Instagram posts. Keep reading!

Social media platforms are constantly evolving. All social platforms are in an unending race to provide the best possible user experience. Just look at Instagram, it initially started as a photo-sharing app. All you were able to do was share photos with your followers.

However, with time the photo-sharing app kept evolving and it came up with several new features. As of now, the app has all the trendy features like live video-streaming, sharing reels, and stories, sharing private stories with your close followers, adding music to Instagram stories, muting unwanted followers, and so on.

The number of features is increasing with each passing day. However, the recent feature that is getting a lot of attention from users is the one that enables users to add music to Instagram posts. Yes, you heard it right, users can add music to their posts on Instagram now.

In November, Instagram has come up with several new features including the ‘Share a note’ feature which is like a story that lasts for 24 hours. Then, the app also introduced post scheduling which helps you schedule photos and videos for any date and time up to 75 days in the future.

Sticking to the aim of this blog, let’s explore, how to add music to Instagram post!

How Can I Add Music To My Instagram Post?

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    It has been quite a long since Instagram enabled users to add music to their stories, however, the app now has come up with another similar addition that enables users to add music to their posts.

    Though users earlier were able to add music to their reels, you can now add music to your pictures too.  Just similar to the Instagram story option, you can choose a track from the Instagram music library to add to your posts.

    The feature is optional, if you love adding music to your photos, you can count on this feature but if you don’t want your photos to play music along, you can simply ignore the feature. The music will start playing automatically if your device is not in silence mode. However, if your phone is set to the silent mode you can rap on the volume icon to listen to the music.

    Add Music To Instagram Posts

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    Here is how to add music to Instagram posts:

    • Firstly, launch your updated Instagram app.
    • Next, tap on the plus icon to choose the image/video that you want to post.
    • After choosing the image, tap on the ‘Next’ button then edit the photo. Now, tap on next again.
    • Here, you will finally be able to see the option that says, ‘Add Music’.
    • Click on the Add Music option and choose a song from Instagram’s music gallery.
    • Once you have selected a song, hit the done button to share your post with music on Instagram.

    If you cannot see the Add Music option on your Instagram handle, it is probably because this feature is currently unavailable in your region.

    As of now, this feature is available for only a few users and it seems like this is the trial period for the feature.

    If the feature gets desired results in the testing phase, it will be made available to all the users across the globe.

    Several users who have got access to this feature have taken it to Twitter and other social media platforms. Some users think it would be annoying for them as they will not be able to scroll peacefully while others think that it is cool to be able to add music to their pictures.

    One user said, “You can add music to the main post on Instagram oh I’m gonna become so annoyed with this”.

    Another broke the news to his friends saying, “You can add music to an image feed post on Instagram”.

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    The Last Words

    This was all about what the new Instagram music feature is and how to add it to an Instagram post. Hopefully, this feature will soon be made available to all Instagram users.

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