Instagram App Crashing After Using 30 Seconds – How To Fix?

Instagram users are complaining that their app is crashing right after using it for 30 seconds. The error is hindering them to scroll peacefully thus the annoyed users have taken the issue to Twitter. Complaints are now flooding Twitter and users are looking to know how to fix the ‘Instagram App Crashing After using 30 seconds’ error. If you are among the users annoyed by this glitch, you are not alone in it. Hundreds of other users are encountering this error at the time of writing.

Considering the complaints regarding the Instagram app on Twitter have convinced us that Instagram users cannot take it anymore. Their favorite social media platform has now become home to errors and bugs. The majority of users are questioning the performance of the app and this time the user experience of Instagrammers has reached its lowest.

Instagram keeps coming up with new glitches every passing week and the users complain about it on Twitter, and the cycle goes on.

The latest error that most Instagram users are reporting is that their app is crashing after using it for 30 seconds only. As usual, Instagram has not responded to any of the complaints thus there is not any official fix for this issue. However, below we have provided some potential fixes to get rid of this issue.

How To Fix Instagram App Crashing Error?

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The complaints related to this error started to appear on Twitter on October 30th. It has been more than 24 hours now, but the issue is not fixed.

The issue is mainly affecting iPhone users, however, a few Android users have also complained about it. The majority of iPhone users who are reporting this error are greater than the complaints made by Android users.

This is not the first time the Instagram App Crashing error has affected users, earlier this month on the 5th of October, several users complained about this same glitch.

As Instagram is yet to talk about the issue, we would consider this error to be a bug as it has affected thousands of people at once.

Besides complaints, Instagram users are also enjoying this situation by sharing memes on Twitter. One user wrote, “Everyone running to Twitter to see if Instagram is down #Instagram #instagramerror”.

Another added, “Everyone coming to Twitter to see if anyone else’s Instagram keeps crashing after like 30 secs to a minute in the app…”

Instagram Crashing Error Quick Fix  

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Well, the app crashing error is not the only one to affect Instagram users at the time of writing. Some users have also complained that Instagram is suspending their accounts randomly.

Hundreds of users have taken to Twitter to inquire if they are the only ones whose Instagram handle is suspended without any reason.

One user who got their Instagram account suspended wrote, “Anyone else facing the same problem or issues with Instagram, or is it me alone? Why tf my account suspended? #instagramdown ? #instagramerror”

Another wrote, “Did anyone else’s Instagram just suspend you? #instagramerror #instagramdown”

“Anyone getting suspended on insta? Had both personal and art store account suspended…freaking out”, wrote another stressed user.

Instagram has not addressed any of these issues yet, but you can check the below potential fixes to get rid of these errors.

1. If you Instagram is crashing over and over again, make sure you have enough space on your phone. If your phone doesn’t have enough space, applications may encounter errors.

2. The second option to get rid of these issues is to clear your app cache. Make a habit of clearing redundant files from your phone because they may greatly affect your phone’s performance. Your apps will also get slower.

3. The final and most working fix to get rid of errors like the Instagram app crashing error after using 30 seconds is, to update your Instagram app. If you are using an old version of Instagram, you are most likely to encounter errors, bugs, and glitches. Keeping your app up-to-date helps the app work efficiently.

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The Last Words

This was all about why the Instagram app is crashing after using it for 30 seconds only and some potential fixes to get rid of this issue. Was the information helpful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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