How To Block Spam Texts On Phone? Tricks For Android And iPhone Users

If you are tired of receiving spam and irrelevant texts on your phone, we have boasted here some working hacks. Let’s figure out how to block spam texts on a phone, be it an android phone or an iPhone. Keep reading so that you don’t miss any information.

The number of phone users is soaring with each passing day and with an increase in the number of mobile phones, scams texts have reached a maximum limit. If you are using a smartphone you must be facing the agony of receiving spam and irrelevant texts on your phone, but how to block such messages? Is there any way to get rid of false, scam, and irrelevant texts on phone?

Well, yes! There are ways following which you have to get rid of spam and irrelevant texts on your phone. Here we are going to disclose all the methods following which you can block the spam texts on your android sets or on an iPhone.

How To Block Spam Texts On Android?

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Whether you are annoyed by messages from loan companies or from the offers sent by fraudulent companies, there are ways to stop receiving these unwanted calls and messages. The method of blocking an unwanted number is quite simple. Here is how to block spam texts and calls on an android phone.

  1. To block the unwanted numbers, you would initially be required to open the number that you want to block.
  2. Once you have reached the number, long tap on it.
  3. After tapping for more than 2 seconds, you will witness some options appearing on your screen. The options may simply ask you to block/report spam.
  4. Check the report option and hit done.
  5. You have successfully reported a number.

Next, to block a spam text you will have to open the number from which you are getting fraudulent messages and that you wish to block.

  1. Open the text and edit the number of the sender.
  2. Long tap on the number to get the block option.
  3. Once you have got the block option, check the box and hit enter tab. Voila, you have blocked the spammer. Now, you will never receive any message from this same recipient.

After opening the number on your screen, you may also click on the details to get the report/block options. If you are still unable to find the option, open the message/call settings to block a recipient.

How To Block Spam Texts On iPhone?

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Here is how an iPhone user can block spam messages and calls on the phone.

  1. To block spam texts or calls, you would initially be required to go to the recent tab.
  2. Next, open the recipient and tap on the information icon beside the contact you wish to report or block.
  3. You will find an option saying, ‘Block This Caller’, check this option.
  4. On the FaceTime app, you will be required to select the Info option located next to the contact or email address.
  5. Following this, you will be required to tap on the option that reads ‘Block This Caller”.
  6. Similarly to block a text, open the messages app.
  7. Next, open the conversation and tap on the contact.
  8. Tap on the info option.
  9. Here you will find the option ‘Block This Caller’, tap on it. Voila, you have blocked a spammer.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about how to block spam texts on a phone including all the android and iPhone devices. Hopefully, we are able to convey all the details you were looking for.

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