iPhone Pinch And Paste Feature – Everything You Need To Know

The latest video to go viral on TikTok shows iPhone Pinch and Paste Feature and users are left in shock. Well, we are quite sure that you were not aware of this viral feature until now. Oh, don’t have an idea about what the iPhone Pinch and Paste Feature actually is? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about this recent viral feature of the iPhone.

iPhone keeps adding some jaw-dropping features to make its users’ life easier. Although users are aware of many useful iPhone hacks, the recent TikTok video has left them in shock.

Following this viral video, several iPhone users have come to know about what the iPhone Pinch and Paste Feature actually is. If you have not watched this video yet, here we have gathered all the details about this viral video and the iPhone feature described in it. Stay Tuned!

What Is The Viral iPhone Pinch And Paste Video On TikTok?

The recent TikTok video has made iPhone users go crazy. In the video, the video creator has showed a magic that none of us have seen before.

What the content creator does is, hold an iPhone and keep an iPad nearby. Next, the video shows the content creator transferring a picture from iPhone to iPad by making pinch and paste motion using their fingers.

Several users are not ready to believe it actually happened. However, this is what we just saw in the viral video.

Although the video has gone viral across several platforms, people are not ready to believe it actually happened. However, this trick is carried out by iPhone’s feature called Universal Clipboard and it really works.

For readers who are getting to know about iPhone’s Universal Clipboard feature for the first time, it a feature that allows users to play content from one gadget to another.

If you are having an iPhone and iPad you can try the trick to witness the magic. However, make sure that both the gadgets are using the same Apple Id. If both the devices contain different Apple IDs, the magic may not happen.

While trying this hack, also make sure that both the gadgets are active. You can transfer content from iPad to iPhone and the hack also works for MAC.

How Does The iPhone Pinch And Paste Option Work?

If you trying to complete the hack and are unable to do so, here is how the iPhone Pinch and Paste Feature works.

To witness the magic, you are required to use three-finger inward pinch to copy and then a three-finger outward movement on the next gadget to paste the content.

You can also record yourself while trying this magic to impress your friends, who are not aware of the trick.

Although this feature existed for quite a few years now, it has just gone viral among the users, thanks to the viral TikTok video.

Here are some other hacks you can try on your iPhone:

If you have gone with a number while using the calculator, simply ‘Hit backspace in the calculator’. Doing so will remove the digit you typed mistakenly.

To receive the notification through camera flash, simply go to the setting, then accessibility and audio/visual, finally tap on the LED Flash for alerts.

You can also magnify your camera by tapping on the settings options, next accessibility and then enable the magnifier option.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the iPhone Pinch and Paste Feature is, and how it works. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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