How To Get Rid Of Shein Scam On Instagram? Explained

Instagram users seem worried as Shein Scam has created strong roots on the platform. They are looking to know how to get rid of this Shein Scam on Instagram. If you are among these Instagram users who are getting tagged by spam posts from Shein Scam gift cards, you are not alone. Thousands of Instagram users are getting tricked by this scam and in some cases, their handles are entirely getting hacked. Below we have gathered all the details about what this Shein Scam on Instagram is all about and how to get rid of it.

Instagram is one famous social media platform and it has a huge user base. Millions of users from across the globe, rely on this platform to interact with their friends, family, and fans. Though it is common for Instagram users to encounter glitches on the platform, it is pretty rare for them to fall victim to scams on the platform.
However, the platform is getting raided by some scammers who are luring users and then hacking their handles. Thousands of users have fallen victim to this Shein Scam on Instagram and they are looking to find how to get rid of it.
To help all these sufferers get the details about this viral scam, below we have broken down everything about it. Keep reading to find out what the Shein Scam is all about and how to get rid of it on Instagram.

How Can I Stop The Shein Gift Card Instagram Scam?

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The Shein scam on Instagram is no different than all other scams available online. It aims at luring the users to trick them and get their credit card information. Innocent users who don’t know much about such scams share their credentials with the scammers and get looted right away.

What this scam does is, it tags you in posts saying that you have won a free Shein gift card and should click to claim it. As you follow the instructions, you get directed to a website. The site asks do you agree with the prices of products on Shein?’ and ‘How do you plan to use the Shein gift card?’. Once you answer the questions the website asks you to provide your name alongside the financial credentials with the promise that you will get a gift card which will be sent in the post.
Once you fulfill all the requirements, they will access your bank accounts to steal your money and in some cases they use your credentials for identity theft.

Using your Instagram handle, they may even access your friend’s accounts and so the cycle continues.
One thing that you must remember to avoid being tricked by such scams is, never to click on links that promise your gifts or money for free.

How To Recover Instagram Handle From Shein Scam?

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One way to keep your Instagram handle safely from such scams is changing your tagging options. Accounts that are public often get scammed. So, you must change the tagging options and enable the option that says, ‘people you follow’.
If you are looking to recover your handle you can do so by changing your account password. If this doesn’t work, convey the message to your friends that your account is hacked so they must not interact with any message they receive. Also, they must not click on any link. Advise them to report your account if nothing works.

Annoyed Instagram users have taken to Twitter to talk about the issue.
One user wrote, ‘Getting sick of being tagged in 100 Shein gift card scams a day on Instagram. Leave me alone please.”
Another added, “I swear to god if I get tagged in one more Shein scam”.
‘Instagram we beg you to sort out all these Shein scam posts we keep getting tagged in. So annoying”, said one.
‘Can I please kindly stop getting tagged in Shein gift card scam posts on Instagram,” another tweeted.
‘Is anyone else finding that Instagram is becoming completely unusable with these Shein gift card scams? Added another.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about Shein Scam On Instagram and how to get rid of it. Hopefully, the information was helpful

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