Run Little Girl Run Song TikTok – Everything About The Viral Song

TikTok users are obsessed with the Run Little Girl Run song and some of them are wondering to find the whereabouts of the track. If you are among these users who are looking to find the lyrics, singer’s name, and the release date for the viral Run Little Girl Run song, we got you covered. Below we have gathered all the details you need to know about the viral Run Little Girl Run song from TikTok. Keep reading!

TikTok has a huge collection of soundtracks. It would not be wrong to say that the background tracks available on TikTok are actually the soul of the video-sharing app. Without these tracks, the dance videos, DIY videos, funny videos, and even the cooking recipes might look boring. These soundtracks give life to the content available on the video-sharing app.

Having more than a billion users, TikTok has now become a powerful platform for music promotion. Artists rely on this platform to promote their music. So, this video-sharing platform has now become the go-to place for emerging artists to gain exposure and build a following.

The latest song to catch the attention of users on the video-sharing app is ‘Run Little Girl Run’. If you are an avid user, you must have seen this trend making rounds on your foryou page. Considering the song’s popularity users are looking to find more details about the song and so we are here to help.

TikTok Viral Run Little Girl Run Song

Image Of TikTok Viral Run Little Girl Run Song

With the start of the spring season in April, we saw some incredible tracks making their way toward the video-sharing app. Some of the tracks that have taken over the app in April include, PinkPantheress and Ice Spice’s Boy’s a Liar, a sped-up version of Mariah Carey’s It’s a Wrap and many others. The latest one to join the list is ‘Run Little Girl Run’.

This viral track is created by a musician named Chinchilla. This creative musician has a follower count of more than 149,000 on TikTok. The song emerged on the video-sharing app when Chinchilla shared a snippet featuring this song.

In the viral video, Chinchilla can be seen screaming out the lyrics. The video caption reads, “When they walk in and assume you aren’t the producer because you’re a girl”.

The song begins by saying “Little girl gone, got a gun from a gangster”. It continues saying “Run little girl, run little girl, bang, ha.” Then comes the epic drop.


This viral track has amassed more than 3.3 million views. Thanks to the snippet from Chinchilla, the audio track is now trending across the internet.

Who Is The Singer Of Run Little Girl Run Song?

Image Of Who Is The Singer Of Run Little Girl Run Song

As the song has gone viral, TikTok users have poured the comment section with hundreds of comments. One user wrote, “Saying this now you’re about to BLOW UP. This song is full of feminine rage and it’s delicious.”

Another added, “Feminine rage is my new favourite genre of music”.

“I need to blast this on my way to work”, wrote a third person.

“I love the female rage in music lately,” said one.

“I’m definitely losing my voice to this one in the car”, concluded another.

This is currently not available on any of the music streaming platforms. Run Little Girl Run is all set to be rolled out on Spotify and Apple Music on Friday, April 21.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about Run Little Girl Run song from TikTok. Hopefully, we are able to provide all the information you were looking for.

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