How To Listen To Audiobooks On Spotify? Explained

As Spotify has launched its new feature, users can now listen to audiobooks on the platform, but how exactly? Here is everything you may need to know about how to listen to audiobooks on Spotify and whether or not you can buy the audiobooks from the music streaming platform. Keep reading!

All online applications, be it social sites or online streaming platforms, all of them are striving hard to be the best for their users. Spotify too is in the race and it has succeeded in impressing millions of users from across the globe.

The recent feature that Spotify has made available for its users is a bank of audiobooks. Yes, you heard it right! Spotify has added thousands of audiobooks for its users online. The feature arrived initially in the UK in September 2022. This feature allows users to purchase and listen to more than thousands of audiobooks.

As the feature remained successful in the UK, it is now made available in several countries including Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. If you are residing in any of these countries, here we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to listen to audiobooks on Spotify and how to purchase them.

How Can I Listen To Audiobooks On Spotify?

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One thing that users have not found good about the audiobooks on Spotify is, they are not available for free. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for the audiobooks to be able to listen to them on Spotify.

Nonetheless, the good part about this new feature is that there is a huge collection of audiobooks on the platform. As per the initial details, there are more than 300,000 audiobooks available for Spotify users. As of now, you cannot buy books from Spotify mobile app directly; rather you will have to buy some on the web.

To purchase audiobooks from Spotify, you need to do is, open the Spotify Web Player and then log into your Spotify handle. Next, tap on the Search Tab located on the left-hand side of the screen, and then finally tap on the ‘Audiobooks’ option.

In the audiobooks section, you will find thousands of titles to choose from. If you are eyeing buying a specific book, open the search tab, and type the book name alongside the author’s name.

The audiobooks are available at reasonable prices, it will require you to pay the exact same price as the physical book. Generally, the new titles are costly while the less popular and old books are cheaper.

If you have no idea what audiobook you should purchase, you can read the description of every book available to listen to for free. After looking at this description you can choose a book of your choice.

Can I Buy Audiobooks From Spotify?

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Yes, you can buy audiobooks from Spotify web. The function is not currently available on Spotify mobile app.

Once you have purchased the book following the steps we have provided above, you can head back to Spotify mobile app to listen to the audiobook.

As you open your Spotify handle, tap on ‘Your Library’ at the bottom of the screen. Here you will find the audiobooks section and all the audiobooks that you have purchased will be added here. You just have to tap on the title of the book to be able to listen to it. You can pause and play whenever you want. And, yes, it can be accessed and listened to as many times as you want.

The best thing about these audiobooks is, you are not required to be a Spotify Premium subscriber to access them. All the audiobooks are available for all the users and they are not associated with any subscription plan.

After purchasing an audiobook, it will remain in your Spotify library forever just as you own a physical book for the rest of your life.

One thing that you must note is, this audiobook that you have purchased cannot be shared with anyone.

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The Last Words

This was all about how to listen to Audiobooks on Spotify and ways to buy them online. Hopefully, you have found all the information you were looking for.

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